You are like a fibre optic cable

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My English is poor, pronunciation is further ahead of it. Still I write so that you may get a glimpse towards which I am pointing to, like it happens when you ask a stranger in non-English speaking country about something and he or she tries to explain it. If you are thirsty of this knowledge, so you get it too. The consciousness plays an important role in communicating the point at much higher level where we all are connected because I am writing only from my own experiences or understanding. 

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Every religion and every country celebrates festival of light but at the same time pray to dark side of the God too.

Zoroastrianism goes even further and they pray only the Sun, the source of light for us.

Upon reaching the centre of your being you come to know about your Reality or the Truth or experience consciousness. Osho says that the person who is able to reach to the core becomes centre of existence. How it is possible? When even NASA is not able to reach to it, since whole universe or Cosmos is yet to be explored!

A human being is a miracle. But for the sake of ease i am going to assume it as a nano sized Fibre Optic cable, which is broken at some point between the source of light and the other end end. The other end is a complicated mechanism used to project it on a screen called ie human body. 

In the absence of light from the source the mind starts projecting pseudo light creating illusions on the screen. This is why mind creates lots of hurdle when you wish to embark upon inner journey to get connected to the source. Its whole drama is understood immediately because you start projecting using light from the Eternal source and the Reality is seen. This first glimpse of Reality is called as Philosia.

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How it happens? It happens because your ’self’ or ’soul’ got sufficient time to move inward the fibre optic cable which was enjoying illusion created by the mind. The moment it reaches the broken end, it gets connected to the other end automatically. But the mind keeps you busy in futile things for whole life.

When we think there is a gap between two consecutive thought, this gap is called as Hua Tau in Chinese. By practicing Awareness meditation this gap starts widening and no-mind state is achieved.

In no-mind state only the self could move inwards. One has to have no-mind state of great intensity, so that the soul or self is able to move fast and reach to the fault. The intensity depends upon your yearning to reach to the core, and not on duration of meditation etc. If you have already paid great price in outer world then too it’s intensity increases but it does not increase if you have paid the price with intention of increasing the speed!

Once got connected the source starts shining through you. This is your personal ’festival of light’. You start looking younger too. This is how you become the centre of existence that even NASA is unable to find! No one can find it, but everyone has intrinsic capacity to become. Is it not a miracle? But for me even bigger miracle is that most of the people are not ready to embark upon this inner journey!

Awareness meditation ( as part of evolutionary mysticism) is the way worked for me, may be you too find it suitable otherwise Dynamic meditation is for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life. 

Osho International Online (OIO) provides facility to learn these from your home, through Osho Meditation Day @€20.00 per person. OIO rotate times through three timezones NY,Berlin and Mumbai. You can prebook according to the convenient time for you. 

 This is an opportunity for learning and knowing Osho through these sannyasins who lived in his presence and brought to life his words in best possible quality in all formats. Disciples of Jesus left him alone in last minutes but Osho’s disciples remained with him till he left his body willingly after working, till last day, for all of us to get enlightened. Jesus tried hard till last minute, before being caught, to teach meditation to his disciples. As per Saint John’s Gospel:- Jesus used word ‘Sit’ to transfer his meditative energy to them and went on to pray God, but on returning he found them sleeping. He tried two times again but in vain. Even today Zen people use word ‘Sit’ for meditation in their saying ‘Sit silently, do nothing, season comes and the grass grows by itself green’. This is why I call Osho as reincarnation of Jesus, because he begun from where he left in his last life. 

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