Silver chord as Fibre Optic connection with eternity or soul.

Photo of bunch of Fibre optic cables connected with a blue light source at one end and its loose fibres are emitting light at other end. Here it is used as Silver chord.
Silver chord is depicted here as rightly connected Fibre Optic Cable and emitting light exactly as it is receiving at other end.

In my last post i have used Fibre Optic Cable as metaphor for silver chord. We are not body but basically a fibre optic cable whose one end is connected to the God or the cosmic consciousness or the Reality and the other end is connected to the physical world. Everyone is born perfect and the connections too that is why till adolescent age everyone looks beautiful because of perfect transmission of light at other end ie material world.

After attaining the age when secretion from important glands begin to make us capable of continuing the natural job of reproduction. In my earlier post i took it as breaking of the Fibre Optic cable. But actually it should be fault in the cable, because in spiritual journey too we all are not totally disconnected but sometimes feel the ’Aha’ moments too, the artists, poets etc too feel connection for much longer period. While enlightenment makes it possible to remain 24 hours connected like a normal Fibre Optic Cable works to resemble exactly as Silver chord.
So from this period the faults in our cable starts and if not looked after rightly and timely then it may lead to complete disconnection.

Photo of good pineal gland with open cones and calculated pineal gland with closed cones. With quoting that Calculated pineal means mind can be decived.
We must keep our mind very active by engaging ourselves in different creative activities. This helps in keeping our pineal gland in good health. This is our third eye and our connection of Fibre Optic Cable attracts calcium at this point only making us devoid of our blissfulness.

I started trying hands with different meditative techniques in my teen years. I kept attending all religious ceremonies and attended lectures of most of the preachers wherever i went and to those who visited my place. I arrived at conclusion of keep practicing awareness meditation at any cost in my life so that any day i could embark upon my inner journey. This helped in keeping my pineal glands wide open instead of getting closed by calcination.

So before proceeding further in spiritual journey one needs to troubleshoot like an engineer troubleshoot a fibre optic cable as below:

Troubleshooting fibre is needed to know exact cause of the fault so much time and efforts are needed to put in here. In my spiritual journey i followed whatever is suggested by people around me. That made

  • Broken fibers because of physical stress or excessive bending. (in spiritual terms it is equal to excessive greed)
  • Excessive signal loss due to a cable span that’s too long. (In spiritual terms it is equal to gap between adolescent age and the age you start your spiritual journey)
  • Excessive signal loss due to a contaminated connector. (In spiritual terms it is same as calcination of pineal glands)
  • Excessive signal loss due to faulty splices or connectors. ( In spiritual journey it is equal to following an unenlightened master)
  • Excessive signal loss due to having too many splices or connectors. (following too many masters)
  • Faulty connection of fiber to the patch panel or in the splice tray. (Pineal gland is where the this end of the fibre optic cable is connected to, so one must begin meditating early to stop calcination)

Typically, if a connection is completely dead, it’s because of a break in the cable. However, if the connection is intermittent,

(as in the case of a normal human being with many ’Aha’ moments or in case of artists, poets, musicians etc)

there are several possible causes:

  • The cable’s attenuation may be too high because of poor quality splices or too many splices. (not practicing meditation regularly even for 2 minutes and getting involved 24×7 in fulfilling worldly desires, which no one has ever fulfilled completely)
  • Things like dust, fingerprints, scratches, and humidity can contaminate connectors.”

So one has to introspect and try to understand where one needs to work on himself. This will help one progress faster in spiritual journey.

Hi ….. I write my comments from my personal experiences of my inner journey. This post may include teachings of Mystics around the world that I found worth following even today. For more about me and to connect with me on social media platforms, have a look at my linktree website for connecting with my social media links, or subscribe my YouTube channel and/or listen to the podcasts etc.

I begun with a simple awareness as meditation by Osho and Zen meditation. You can begin with your choice of meditation or prayer according to your religion or choice today itself, because by procrastinating and postponing we have already lost a big part of our life. By practicing awareness meditation, living simple &authentic life and doing your job in hand to your best – you create favourable situations for growth of the seed within into a tree of consciousness.

If you need further clarification on this post or if you wish to share your experience in this regard that may prove beneficial to visitors, please comment.