How meditation helps?- Osho

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I also wonder how such a simple change in daily routine could help one reach to centre of being?

Here is the answer by Osho:

MEDITATION IS NOT A DOING AT ALL, it is pure awareness. But a miracle happens, the greatest miracle in life. IF YOU GO ON WATCHING, TREMENDOUS AND INCREDIBLE THINGS START HAPPENING. Your body becomes GRACEFUL, your body is no more restless, tense; your body starts becoming light, unburdened; you can see great weights, mountainous weights, falling from your body. Your body starts becoming PURE OF ALL KINDS OF TOXINS AND POISONS.

YOU WILL SEE YOUR MIND IS NO MORE AS ACTIVE AS BEFORE; its activity starts becoming less and less and gaps arise, gaps in which there are no thoughts. Those gaps are the most beautiful experiences — because through those gaps you start seeing things as they are without any interference of the mind.

SLOWLY SLOWLY YOUR MOODS START DISAPPEARING. You are no more very joyous and no more very sad. The difference between joy and sadness starts becoming less. Soon a moment of equilibrium is reached when you are neither sad nor joyous. And that is the moment when BLISS IS FELT. That tranquillity, that silence, that balance, is bliss.

THERE ARE NO MORE PEAKS AND NO MORE VALLEYS, no more dark nights and no more moon nights, all those polarities disappear. You start becoming SETTLED EXACTLY IN THE MIDDLE. And all these miracles go on becoming deeper and deeper. And ultimately when your body is in total balance, your mind is absolutely silent and your heart is no more full of desires.

  • Osho
    The Miracle
    Darshan excerpt, Ch #4
    pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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