Awareness as meditation and How it helps?

Screenshot of video of Osho in which he is describing to use awareness as meditation.
Awareness as meditation can only be practiced any time and any where. In today’s busy world where it is difficult to make arrangements for bread and butter, sparing time for meditation is becoming impossible. So this is the only way and most effective way too!

During a meeting with people in Kathmandu, Nepal a practising lawyer asked a question to OSHO about meditation and only the answer of this question one day  landed in my hand. I started experimenting with it and reached the centre of being during Philosia moment! 

I am posting it as first question and it’s answer may light a candle to experiment within you.

So the answer of second question by a sannyasin during darshan period is going to help you understand how this simple meditation works! As I find myself unable to explain it. 

First question during meeting with people at Nepal


Second Question during darshan period by sannyasin

Q: I also wonder how such a simple change in daily routine could help one reach to centre of being?



 A: It is important to understand because all the teachers of meditation in the world have been telling you that you have to keep a separate time for meditation.
Mohammedans have to meditate five times in the day. Five times they have to close their shops, their businesses if they are real Mohammedans. 

My approach about meditation is totally different. I do not say to you that you have to shut down. 

But this is absolutely impractical. If the man is driving a railway train, or flying an aeroplane, and he has to stop five times, this is not going to be meditation, this is going to be a massacre! to have a separate time for meditation. 

Meditation has to be just like breathing — you don’t have a separate time for it, that in the morning you breathe and then you go to your business and forget breathing. You go on doing your things, and breathing continues.

Meditation has to be something like that, that it runs like an undercurrent in your all activities of the day. I will suggest you a very simple meditation. Whatever you are doing –you may be digging a hole in the earth, planting new rosebushes in your garden, working in your shop, or fighting a case in the court — it does not matter what you are doing. Do it consciously, do it with full awareness.

 I will tell you what I mean by it. 
(From here first time I got to know about awareness meditation about 20+ years back.
By that time I have tried many in last 8-10 years before that and they helped me too but I can say that I was not able to decipher exactly the difference they made in my journey.
This meditation helped me in experiencing no-thought moment first time in life within few weeks! So everyone has to try different meditations to know the one which is best suited and start experiencing no-thought moments.)

Once Buddha was passing in Shrivasti with his dearest disciple, Ananda. A fly came and sat on his forehead. Just as we will do, he simply waved his hand and the fly was gone. 

Then he stopped, and took his hand very carefully, very consciously. The fly was no more there, and he waved his hand with great grace. 

Ananda could not understand what is happening. He said, “You have the fly few minutes before, and it is gone. Now what are you doing?”

And Buddha said, “That time I did it wrong. I did it without awareness. I continued to talk to you, and mechanically I simply waved my hand without being conscious of what I am doing. Now I am doing it as I should have done in the first place, to remind me that it does not happen again.” 

Any action done with awareness becomes meditation.

 In the beginning it will be difficult, you will go on forgetting again and again. But don’t be discouraged. Even if in twenty four hours you can manage for twenty four seconds, that is more than enough. Because the secret is the same. 

If you can manage it for one second, you know the key. You know the knack. Then it is only a question of time. 

Slowly, slowly, you will be having bigger gaps when you are aware. The action continues; not only it continues, it becomes better than ever before; because now you are doing with such consciousness. 

Its quality changes, because you are conscious, you are totally there. Your intensity changes, your insight, your understanding; and the action that you are doing starts having a grace of its own.

Meditation should be slowly spread all over your life. Even while going to sleep, lying down on your bed, it will take few minutes for you to go to sleep. Those few minutes be alert, of the silence, of the darkness, of the relaxed body.
Remain alert as sleep starts descending on
 you, till you are completely overwhelmed by the sleep, and you will be surprised that if you had continued to the very last moment when sleep took over you, in the morning the first thought will be again of awareness; because whatever is the last thought before you go to sleep is always the first thought in the morning when you wake up. Because it continues as an undercurrent in your sleep.

You cannot find time, nobody has time. The day is so full. But six or eight hours in the night can be transformed into meditation. Even a Buddha will feel jealous of you. Even he cannot meditate eight hours. It is simply an intelligent effort to transform your sleep. 

You are taking a shower. Why not take it with awareness.

Why take it mechanically? Just doing like a robot, because you have been doing it every day, so you go on doing it and it becomes mechanical. Do everything non-mechanically, and slowly, slowly meditation will not be a question that it needs separate time. It becomes spread all over your day, twenty four hours.

 Then only you are on the right track. (So as to enter the kingdom of God one day)

 The people who meditate ten minutes in the morning, are not going to gain much.

Because ten minutes of meditation, and twenty four hours against it, how you are going to win? 

You have to put twenty four hours of meditation against twenty four hours of ordinary life. 

Then there is absolute guarantee that success is going to be yours. (Source:The Testament, Vol #5, Chapter #22, by Osho).

During Darshan period with sannyasins a sannyas in asked a Question: I also wonder how such a simple change in daily routine could help one reach to centre of being?

Here is the answer by Osho:

MEDITATION IS NOT A DOING AT ALL, it is pure awareness. But a miracle happens, the greatest miracle in life. IF YOU GO ON WATCHING, TREMENDOUS AND INCREDIBLE THINGS START HAPPENING. Your body becomes GRACEFUL, your body is no more restless, tense; your body starts becoming light, unburdened; you can see great weights, mountainous weights, falling from your body. Your body starts becoming PURE OF ALL KINDS OF TOXINS AND POISONS.

YOU WILL SEE YOUR MIND IS NO MORE AS ACTIVE AS BEFORE; its activity starts becoming less and less and gaps arise, gaps in which there are no thoughts. Those gaps are the most beautiful experiences — because through those gaps you start seeing things as they are without any interference of the mind.

SLOWLY SLOWLY YOUR MOODS START DISAPPEARING. You are no more very joyous and no more very sad. The difference between joy and sadness starts becoming less. Soon a moment of equilibrium is reached when you are neither sad nor joyous. And that is the moment when BLISS IS FELT. That tranquillity, that silence, that balance, is bliss.

THERE ARE NO MORE PEAKS AND NO MORE VALLEYS, no more dark nights and no more moon nights, all those polarities disappear. You start becoming SETTLED EXACTLY IN THE MIDDLE. And all these miracles go on becoming deeper and deeper. And ultimately when your body is in total balance, your mind is absolutely silent and your heart is no more full of desires.

  • Osho
    The Miracle
    Darshan excerpt, Ch #4
    pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium


I begun with a simple awareness as meditation and practiced Zen meditation in the evening. You can begin with your choice of meditation or prayer according to your religion or choice today itself, because by procrastinating and postponing we have already lost a big part of our life. By practicing awareness meditation, living simple &authentic life and doing your job in hand to your best – you create favourable situations for growth of the seed within into a tree of consciousness.

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  1. 💜 “Meditation” is just like any other Addiction that is Denial of The Human Emotional Experience; it DEMANDS!!! Regular Fixes just like Drugs or Drink


    1. It seems you have yet to meet a really meditative person. Perhaps their goal may look similar ie going beyond mind but the difference is infinite.
      For a normal person a mad person is more similar to a meditative person because mad has gone below mind permanently and meditative person has gone above mind permanently.
      The difference between madness and addiction is similar to meditative state and drug addiction.

  2. 💜 YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome 🙏🏿 🤗 ☺️ 😊 🙌 😀 🙏🏿 ; it is NEVER!!! The Substance EveryOne, it’s a State of Mind and “Meditation” is a Substance EveryBody because it requires an addictive repetition…


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