Live like Mystics of China lives.

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Osho advised his sannyasins to live like Mystics of China live. This post is part II of my earlier post ’What does it mean by ’Chop wood, carry water’.

As i have new experiences i feel to let you look at the same idea or sentence from a new perspective. I got it when i was commenting on a post on FB.

Osho call it beyond enlightenment, means living life as usual after enlightenment as Chinese Mystics live.

They need to live such because of ruling people follow Confucius and for them every enlightened person is a threat. Sufi mystics too live such secret life.

The change that happens at personal level is about act of reference. Earlier the reference for the action and that for the target were different. Now it gets reversed while the remains the same as before ir chop wood, carry water. Now actions happens on its own while the watcher being constant keeps watching without judging the act as good or bad. Things happen with reference to the watcher.

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