Bogus Enlightenment and real enlightenment.

Enlightenment happens to those who dare to swim the river of fire and reached the other shore unharmed. Photo of fire to depict it.
Enlightenment is like fire and it burns all the impurities within and make one pure.
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There is no role of Civil Society in creating storm and harming your peace of mind. It is the proud which is reaping the crop of the seeds sown.

“Albert Einstein’s last words were, “I have been thinking the whole of my life that I would demystify the universe. But what has happened is just the contrary. The deeper I went into existence, the more the mystery deepened. I am dying full of wonder, I am dying in wonder.”

But this is rare; this is the quality of a genius.

The genius is one who does not allow the society to reduce him to a robot: that’s my definition of a genius.

Everybody is born as a genius, but people start compromising very soon. And when they compromise, their intelligence dies. They go on selling their souls for mundane things, for useless things.

If you can die like Albert Einstein, you have lived rightly and you are dying rightly.

Albert Einstein is far more spiritual than your Vatican pope. Before he died, somebody asked him, “If you are born again, I am certain you would like to become a great physicist and mathematician again.”
He said, “No, never! If another opportunity is given to me, rather than being a physicist, I would like to become a plumber. I would like to live a very ordinary kind of life, anonymous, so that I could enjoy life more easily with nobody coming in my way. My fame, prestige, research – nothing coming in my way, so that I could have a deeper communion with existence.””

~ Osho

How many parent teach their kids to do ordinary things in life like cooking, cleaning, painting, plumbing, gardening and fixing household machines and electrical appliances etc?

Most parents destroy their kid’s spiritual journey before it starts.

In India there exists cast based system-actually it was devised to help lower class to rise through mentoring.

The really enlightened ones were called Brahman (not the one who call themselves as Brahman because they are born in a certain family) and people from others three lower sections needs to respect their courage and dedication so that they can teach these lower class from their experiences.

Over period of time the real enlightenment is wrongly replaced by family blood lineage based system. Just like that exists in monarchy.
For example if a father has acquired Ph. D. then his child, grand child, great grand child will be born with the wisdom of that Ph. D degree without attending a class of education system in school/college. 

Now a father (the great grand child of the real Ph.D. degree holder in example) needs to teach to his kid that he too is an enlightened person (Ph.D. holder) by birth, so that his own enlightenment (his own Ph. D. Degree) could not be questioned by the son in later age!

So in their system a Nobel laureate persons son, grand son no great grand son will automatically become Nobel laureates! 

This way their spiritual journey stops even before taking a start, but they learn or trained meticulously about how to behave like a wise person without having due qualification.

Enlightenment happens on its own to dedicated, authentic and thirsty person who could put their life at stake.

But here it is being taught this way last 5000 years! And they are trying their best to catch fire without burning!

Osho tried to break this tradition by giving such example. Osho left this message for people of future generations that most people will get awakened through sudden enlightenment. 
This is my experience too, and so I am suggesting from my experience as below:- 

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I begun with a simple awareness meditation and Zen meditation. You can begin with your choice of meditation or prayer according to your religion or choice today itself, because by procrastinating and postponing we have already lost a big part of our life. By practicing awareness meditation, living simple &authentic life and doing your job in hand to your best – you create favourable situations for growth of the seed within into a tree of consciousness.

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