When a bird gets free

Photo: FB page on Rumi

Whenever i received a good advice or learned something on social media like FB, YouTube etc, it is felt necessary for me to let the person at the other end know that his invaluable time and effort have not gone in vain.
It all started in 2005 when during lunch time i was sitting idle in my office and feeling down due to some consecutive events, and on my old Nokia mobile’s screen flashed one SMS from one of my friend. It’s content did something miraculous effect upon me. I immediately thanked him and forwarded to all friends.

On social media like FB there is ample scope to convey my feelings, apart from usual ways of sharing and commenting, by sending stars to a YouTube channel that i am subscribed to on FB for excellent efforts in creating the content and making it available to all. However there is income from advertisements but i wish to convey thanks to encourage them. Ultimately they feel much more rewarded by someone personally, it boosts their morale too.

My way of even higher appreciation is by donating to the sites that is offering valuable services in my life like Wiki, sannyas.wiki and Internet Archive etc many more like these and by contributing to them i felt as if i am also helping others.

WordPress recently started this service to those account holders who are paying for maintaining their blog site(s). So i have also made this feature of ’Donate to Philosia.in’ available in menu so that anyone :

who feels grateful or helped through my spiritual journey or

who have taken their first step towards inner journey due to any post or comment here and find worth supporting the cause to help others through this platform or

wish to convey their appreciation as morale booster

You can donate in CryptoCurrency form too, for that please visit me twitter account @Joshutosho and donate as Tip using wallet icon next to follow button.

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