(Amended)Life is walking on a tight rope, meditation is taking a step forward.

Photo by Marcelo Moreira on Pexels.com

YouTube video of crossing Grand Canyon to know how to balance yourself between two opposites in every step of your life.

After watching minutely anyone can notice that the moment a ropewalker feels out of equilibrium, he is trying to bring his body into equilibrium. And the moment he is confident of attaining equilibrium, he takes another step forward. Taking of this another step may disturb his equilibrium but if he will not take another step than too his balance is going to be disturbed. So taking another step is better option, and slowly slowly he is able to maintain equilibrium even better during taking steps!

Such is the life of every person here. Ups and downs are part of life and managing both ends meet is becoming dufficult everyday. To make things more difficult the time keeps moving at its pace, and there is no such thing like KBC or Who wants to be a Millionair?-in which time stops and one can take his own time to reply the question.

And among all these challenges a sannyasin is the one who has embarked upon inner journey to quench his thirst to know God or Truth. So he has to take small small steps in that direction to cross the ocean of material world and reach the other end too. Meditation helps in taking those steps because in that no-mind or meditative or prayerful state an equilibrium is attained for fraction of a second. Like a rope walker i experienced taking small small steps during brushing my teeth while practicing awareness meditation. Awareness meditation becomes like a stick in the hands of the rope walker.

So from my example i wish to convey my experiences that in this inner journey, your every effort is accounted for eternity. Do not loose hope after practicing many years. The path is unknown and destination is beyond sight but keep trying your best. Once the meditation is ripened enough then the process becomes so fast that one starts wondering the changes happening on daily basis.

Once i have attained enough experience and command over it, i started practicing it whenever i got opportunity during the day. Then there comes a time when you need not have to even think of it. Meditation becomes part and parcel of your life and Youtube video of world record to know how one can walk without any outside help.

But it does not mean that the opposite in your life are going to stop at any point in your life, even after enlightenment. Between these two flows the river called life. An enlightened person just remains more time of the day in meditative state. To complete daily schedule as and when it is required he live life as he used to live before enlightenment. Now the opposites are part of a music only that god is playing.

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