Do not search for the truth, when becomIng truth is possible.


Osho Says: “In the Buddhist terminology ‘Buddha’ is equivalent to ‘truth’. They don’t talk much about truth; they talk much more about Buddha. That too is significant, because when you become a Buddha — ‘Buddha’ means when you become Awakened — truth is, so why talk about truth?

Just ask what awakening is. Just ask what awareness is — because when you are aware, truth is there; when you are not aware, truth is not there. So the basic and real question is about awareness. But that, too, cannot be asked and solved. One has to become aware — there is no other way.”
A Sudden Clash of Thunder

My comments on above: After reading above lines one may think:- How to become aware?

Awareness is the door to enter into the truth or to become the truth after entering. Kabir said ‘लाली देखन मैं गयी, में हो गयी लालम लाल”-means when I went to see the truth, I became the truth by entering into the awareness.
Another video to know more about awareness is :
हिंदी में:

I started practicing awareness meditation after reading from this book.

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