How to know a mystic?

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People come to me. They ask me, “Who are you? Hindu, Jain, Mohammedan, Christian? Who are you?”
If they can categorize, that I am a Hindu, they will feel satisfied — they know me. Now the word “Hindu” will give them a false feeling of knowing.

You ask me, “Who are you? A bhakta a yogi, a gyani, a tantrika?” If you can find a name, you will be at ease. Then you can relax, then there is no problem.

But will you be able to know me by giving me a name?

In fact, if you really want to know me, please don’t bring a name in between me and you.

Drop all categories.

Just look direct.

Let your eyes be open and clean of all dust.

Look at me without knowledge. Look at me with a simple, innocent look with no ideas, no prejudices behind, and you will be able to see through and through. I will become transparent to you.

That’s the only way to know me, that’s the only way to know the reality.

Look at the rose and forget the word “rose.”

Look at the tree and forget the word “tree.”

Look at the greenery and forget the word “green.”

And immediately you will become aware of a strange presence surrounding you that is God.
God labeled becomes the world;

world unlabeled again, becomes God.

God conditioned in your mind becomes the world;

the world unconditioned, again unstructured, again unknown, becomes God.

Look at me without any words.

Osho on ”Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega”, Volume 7
Discourses on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Chapter_2: The mind is very clever

My comments:- When Osho was asked by a press reporter in USA to describe yourself or your vision in 20-25 seconds then he suggested her to look into his eyes. That is the only way to understand or know a mystic. People known to me come to meet me, and they feel a presence. They could not describe the reason but they could not resist the temptation to convey their feelings too. So they look at me and say that you look differently, more younger etc etc. I am not a mystic but the experiences through which I have gone before and after satori have great impact on any meditative person going through this journey for sure.

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