Who are called as followers of ‘eternal religion’?

I am trying to redefine ‘eternal religion’ as per OSHO’s definition of CITIZEN OF INDIA and using the word mutation from COVID-19 virus’s excellent ability(?) to mutate in positive way so that people can take good lesson and get benefitted from this pandemic to start their journey for discovery of truth within before being caught by this mutated version of the COVID-19 virus. With lots of blessings. 

Ref: India my love, Chapter 2, The universal dream, p#8 or Phir amrit ki boond padi, chapter 5.

Osho says:

“India is not a piece of land or some political entity or a part of some historical facts. It is not a mad race for money, power, position and prestige.

India is a longing, a thirst to attain truth-the truth that resides in every heartbeat of ours, the truth that is lying asleep under the layer of our consciousness, the truth that is ours but yet forgotten. It’s remembrance, it’s reclamation, is India.

‘Amritasya putrah’, Oh, son of the immortal – only those who have heard this call are truly CITIZENS OF INDIA.

Nobody else becomes a CITIZEN OF INDIA.

You can be born anywhere on the earth- in any country, in any century; (like Pythagoras came here 2500 years back in search of the truth, so he is a CITIZEN OF INDIA) in the past or in the future: if your search is the search for the inner, you are a son (or daughter) of India.

For me, India and spirituality are synonymous.

In this sense, the sons of India are in each nook and corner of this earth.

And those who have been born in India accidentally, as long as they have not felt a passion in the search for the deathless, they have no right to be called CITIZEN OF INDIA.

All those who are on the path of search for the eternal truth are ‘CITIZEN OF INDIA’ as per OSHO and I wish to further clarify its definition as per my experiences till date.

So all the persons who satisfy the definition of ‘CITIZEN OF INDIA’ given above by OSHO are true followers of ‘eternal religion’ or सनातन धर्म irrespective of their religion, location on planet, country and colour etc. Truth is eternal and it survives by way of mutation into another form by giving birth to a new religion or new way of life through an enlightened person.

Only that person can realise the truth as it is who is ready to mutate into another version of himself. For that the present version has to be modified through reading books, meditation and experimenting. Because once you realise the truth, you become truth, which means a Buddha. And to survive truth needs to mutate, so a person needs to learn how to mutate himself then only truth could survive through him. Simple.

About this experience of realising the truth as it is, Osho says:

We don’t know ourselves, and we think that we know others. We are trying to know others without knowing ourselves. This is impossible. If I am ignorant of my own self, how can I know anything else in the world? The very center is ignorant, the very person is in darkness, so how can I discover light anywhere else? – it has not been discovered in me!

The first point of discovery, the first explosion of light, must be, can only be in me.

Then it spreads, then it goes out and out and out.

This first moment of transformation is self-knowing.

Then like a pebble thrown in a lake, the circles go on spreading and spreading. Then they will go on up to the bank.

The explosion is in the self, but then the explosion goes on encircling the whole world. It goes to the very end, and then it becomes divine knowledge.

First the explosion is self-knowledge, then the explosion goes, goes, goes to the infinite and becomes divine knowledge. Self-knowledge is the door, is the opening towards the divine.

But we do not know ourselves, and we think we know even God. We debate about it. we struggle about
it, we discuss it, we confute, refute, convince… we say this is right, this is wrong, this religion is right, that religion is wrong, this scripture is accurate, that scripture is not accurate, we go on debating and discussing things for which, in ourselves there is no opening.

The opening comes through the explosion of the self.

One thing more to be understood: The explosion is the explosion of your ego also.

When you know, when you come to know yourself – this is a miracle and this is a mystery – the self remains only in ignorance. The self is part of the ignorance. We say self-knowledge, but really when the knowing comes, the self goes. There is no self then. Then there is only knowing. Then you are not.

Then there is only existence, then there is only being. That being is atman.

Atman is not the self, the ego.

One thing to be understood: You cannot know yourself, because the moment you come to know, you are not there, only the knowing remains. And that knowing without an ego, goes to the very endless end. Because there is no boundary now.

Ref: Early talks, Chapter 2, No mission, No message.

Meditation is the way to transform or mutate yourself or being reborn. Awareness meditation helped me to progress in my inner journey.

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