You all are Buddha.

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You all are Buddha – Since the day Gautam the Buddha uttered these words, every person getting awakened to the truth or emptiness is not only proving it right but declaring it to all contemporary people too. Osho’s last word is also ‘Sammasati’ ie you all are Buddha.
First photo of mine after the sudden glimpse or satori I got due to someone somewhere getting enlightened in that moment. Photo curtesy A Japanese visiting India during that period in 2017.

Whenever a person attains to Buddhahood, he declares that all are Buddha too. In existence not only everything is connected but exists simultaneously too.
There exists only one existence, the eternal infinite and constant. The existence is playing hide and seek with itself through a play known to us as this material world.

If this material world or play is assumed to be as a ladder  then it has many rugs in it like space, wind, fire, water, earth, trees, animals and many more till human being.

We are just a small part of it. Blessed are we that every human being is at the last rug of this ladder. It means only human being is capable of falling again into the infinite, constant and eternal existence.

We all exists together in present moment as one. So in the moment one attained Buddhahood, everyone too got lighted by its light. Since we all were busy in our work and were not in present moment so we missed it’s experience.

When any human being gets enlightened then only this can be understood by him that every moment the existence, or himself, is throbbing in all forms and formlessness too. He comes to know that every human being too is capable of experiencing it, but missing this blessing due to life lived robotically. So this becomes a prime responsibility to let all other know this fact so that at least one of them start practising awareness meditation because it is the door.

So everyone and everything gets enlightened too with him, just the recognition is missing in all others. With Enlightenment of one a great wave starts travelling in the space affecting everyone in their journey to next rug. The trees around him/her get laden abundantly with fruits or flowers in off season! 

Those who are just at the verge of last rug gets affected by it tremendously. This is why it is advised to seekers to live near an enlightened being and to all others to visit him to thank him for his invaluable and great spiritual service.

A quote by Osho in white letters on black background. It states eat less, chew more. Read less, practice more.
Eat a little, Chew more. Read little, practice more, experiment more, commit more mistakes. From childhood : That is the only way to grow our inner wisdom.

So if we are practicing meditation on regular basis, then we are just increasing the chances of getting accidentally or suddenly  enlightened.
You may be practicing awareness meditation to get rid of your bad habit.
May be sudden enlightenment works on this principle because now more and more people are going to get enlightened in this way only.
With awakening on one person great wave of light is released and due to their light all others meditating as practice may get a glimpse of the reality.


Your may be searching for the truth, you may be searching for the most prominent question ‘Who am I?’ Or you may be searching for Reality or Jesus/Krishna-Consciousness. Awareness meditation is the simplest way. 

The meditations that I suggest are as below:- 

At any moment you close your eyes, first you will see thoughts, a layer of thinking all around you, thoughts vibrating – one coming, another going – a crowd, a traffic.
Remain silent for a few seconds, and suddenly you will see that thinking is no longer there but dreaming has started. You are dreaming that you have become the president of a country, or you have found a brick of gold on the road, or you have found a beautiful woman or a man, and suddenly you start projecting; dreams start functioning.

If you continue dreaming for a long time, one moment will come when you will fall asleep – thinking, dreaming, sleep, and from sleep again to dreaming and thinking.
This is how your whole life revolves.
Real awareness is not known yet, and that real awareness is what Patanjali says will destroy ignorance – not knowledge, but awareness. We collect knowledge just to befool ourselves and others.

-Osho, Yoga-The science of the soul. 

The meditation that I practiced is as below :- 

Awareness meditation is the way worked for me, may be you too find it suitable otherwise Dynamic meditation is for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

My experiences may be of your help in taking only one step. Because everyone has to move forward alone, this is the nature of this journey.
In my life mindfulness or awareness meditation helped miraculously. Apart from that living a simple, authentic and totality in life is very helpful even when we are serving people around us with great love and care without discrimination.

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