Purpose of life as human being.

Philosia (दर्शन)

Above is a post on FB page Cosmic Enlightenment. Which I have reposted with my comments as below. In this I suggested the reason of finding oneself caught in such repetitive cycle and the way to become free from it.

If anyone is feeling pain, frustration, agony, inner trembling and wish to get rid of them to enjoy life to its fullest then only it is my suggestion basis my own experience in life.
Just give a try to the way that worked for me. The bird fly using two wings. Thinking is one wing and meditation is something doing experimenting and experiencing after experimenting which perhaps imparts or grows inner wisdom. Then we get a pair of wisdom ie outer wisdom and inner wisdom and that practice over time lets us fly towards ultimate freedom. My linktree account https://linktr.ee/Joshuto for more.

One person commented “Who says we have a “purpose”?
Any evidence of this “purpose”?

It started a series of comments and replies but my two replies are worth learning from, if anyone wishes to do it.

I replied with “XXX Just try what I suggested in my post here, if you could feel the difference between robotic act and conscious act then the conscious act you can term as meditation. I oppose chanting as meditation or reciting prayer as meditation.”

XXX Just try what I suggested in my post here, if you could feel the difference between robotic act and conscious act then the conscious act you can term as meditation. I oppose chanting as meditation or reciting prayer as meditation.

Then after his further replies on my this post, I again replied with as below:

We are not only body but we are consciousness too. We are made up of atoms, and atom exhibit quantum properties. Atom is dead while we are living being. So our quantum states as particle as well as wave are far superior to that of an atom. A western philosopher stated that the moment we exit a room, all objects turns to black colour. It is our eyes that is one factor in deciding their colour and it is not there anymore! The world around us is too like that, our perception that we are body makes it exist for us, the moment this perception changes from body to consciousness is the moment of of transformation (I call it Philosia moment) of a human and the reality os the world is revealed to him. These posts, in my poor English,may be of some help if you wish to understand this viewpoint or opinion further.









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    1. Thanks for your love and compassion towards followers of your blog. With lots of best wishes.

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      1. 🙏🤲🙌🤲🙏

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  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Multiple Mental Health Issues from Conditioned UpBringing is Missing from Here EveryOne; ask any Child under Five Years Old how They Feel about their parents and other primary CareGivers and Remember how YOU!!! Felt at that age, http://www.ericberne.com EveryBody


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    1. So true. When all psychologists and therapies in the then world were trying to bring out a person from mental health issues, Osho has developed ‘Mystic Rose’, ‘Born again’ and ‘Gibberish’ program to not only heal an adult from all such childhood upbringing issues but put him on the path to self discovery and become a torch bearer for others.
      His proved that the target set by western psychologists to bring a human being to normal state, even that is seldom achieved, is underestimating the true potential of a human being. Once healing begins the high benchmark set initially will make him an asset for the society.

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