Self respect is key to inner growth and leads us to ultimately fall into timelessness within the framework of time. Awareness meditation helped me in attaining such glimpses once I regained my lost self esteem. Now I enjoy pizza and deserts when things go wrong!

Timeless Mind

Photo credit: Pixabay

No man can rise to fame and fortune without

carrying others along with him. It

simply cannot be done.”

Napoleon Hill

This very simple law originates from the fundamental nature of the Universe.

The oneness, the unity and the connectedness.

Since all of us are so indelibly joined by that single source from which each one emanates, there is no way that any of us can harm another without harming oneself.

Years ago, I sat with a great master. He guided and healed the world and the realms. Yet his own son could not be cured of his autism.

I asked him, ” Why is that you have cured people of cancers and your own son is incurable?”

He replied, “I am not the healer. There is only one source of it all.”

Then he told me something so wonderfully profound

In one of…

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