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Again and again Osho stressed upon need of understanding the sex as enormous source of energy within. Just like due to our growing up in a society those who take care of us from birth to adult age impose their version or views upon us as the only truth. The body imposes sex on this body as only pleasure. We need to understand these two through our experience after we become adult. And as a responsible human being remove the unwanted, unhealthy and stinking part of them and begin our journey outward ie material world as well as inwards too ie spiritual world beginning from the part that we love most.

This way one day we will be able to bring harmony between the outer and the inner. Then like a bird takes wing, we too enter into state of ultimate freedom.

To let us understand sexual energy’s creative side Osho says:

D. H. Lawrence, one of the most creative minds of this age, was, knowingly or unknowingly, a Tantra adept.

He was condemned in the West completely; his books were banned.

There were many cases in the courts – because he said that sex energy is the only energy, and if you condemn it and suppress it you are against the universe and you will never be capable of knowing the higher flowering of this energy.

And when suppressed it becomes ugly.

This is the vicious circle: priests, moralists, so-called religious people, popes, shankaracharyas and others, they go on condemning sex.

They say this is an ugly thing.

When you suppress it, it becomes ugly, so they say: “Look! What we said is true. It is proved by you. Look! Whatsoever you are doing is ugly and you know it is ugly.”

But it is not sex which is ugly, it is these priests who have made it ugly.

And once they have made it ugly, they are proved right.

And when they are proved right, you go on making it more and more ugly – uglier.

Sex is innocent energy, life flowing in you, existence alive in you.

Don’t cripple it.

Allow it to move towards heights – that is, sex must become love.

What is the difference?

When your mind is sexual you are exploiting the other.

The other is just an instrument to be used and thrown.

When sex becomes love, the other is not an instrument, the other is not to be exploited.

The other is not really the other.

When you love, it is not self-centered.

Rather, the other becomes significant, unique.

It is not that you are exploiting him – no.

On the contrary, you both are joining in a deep experience.

You are partners of a deep experience, not the exploiter and the exploited.

You are helping each other to move in a different world, of love.

Sex is exploitation.

Love is moving together into a different world.

If this moving is not momentary, and if this moving becomes meditative, that is if you can forget yourself completely and the lover and the beloved disappear and there is only love flowing, then, Shiva says, everlasting life is yours.

(Part five – The end)


Tantra, Spirituality & Sex

Now Osho speaks about stages of sex in which it transforms to creativity and ultimately become fragrance ie un manifested form.

Mindfulness once practiced leads to experiencing no-mind state for the first time. Then it is just application of mindfulness to get no-mind state in different acts of life.

This haste in love relationships is a by-product of your religious upbringing, for they condemned sex. They failed to destroy it, but they certainly succeeded in cutting it down. They failed to destroy it completely, but they poisoned it. Therefore, even when lovers have a love relationship, both feel shame, as if they are busy with something ugly – the sooner it ends, the better!

For biological purposes, this is quite enough – biology is not interested in your orgasmic experience. But if you can prolong the process of loving relationships, if you can make it a meditation – quiet, beautiful – if you make it something sacred… Before you make love, take a bath, and when you enter your bedroom, enter with that the same feeling with which they enter the temple. It is a temple of love, however, in the temple of love, people fight, quarrel, find fault, throw pillows at each other, yell, squeal… destroy the whole atmosphere.

You must burn incense, you must put on some beautiful music, you must dance. There is no need to rush to make love – this should be the culmination of your whole game. You need to meditate together, you need to be silent together, you need to dance together. In this dance, in this union, in this singing with incense, you must create a temple in your bedroom – and only then …

You should not try to enter into a love relationship, let it happen spontaneously, by itself. And if it doesn’t happen, there is no need to worry — you have enjoyed meditation, you have enjoyed dancing, you have enjoyed music. It was a wonderful experience, leave it the way it was.

Your love should not be an action, it should be a spontaneous phenomenon, unexpected for you. Only in such spontaneity can love become orgasmic. And the moment love becomes orgasmic, you have reached the first chakra, you have met the first sister – which is much more beautiful than pleasure.

The first three chakras are selfish: the first is unconscious orgasmic pleasure; the second is half-conscious, half-asleep; the third is fully conscious orgasmic pleasure. In the third, your love and your meditation meet.

The next three… The fourth is the heart center. Only in the fourth begins a new world – the world of love. Below the fourth was only the refinement of sexual energy, in the fourth you transcend sex completely. There is no more refinement, you have entered a new kind of energy, qualitatively different from sex. This is the same energy, but so purified that this refinement itself makes it a completely new phenomenon.

In the fourth center, when you enter into love, you feel it, but you cannot express it. It’s so new… you don’t have any words. It is so unknown and sudden that time stops, the mind stops. You find yourself in a silence that you never dreamed of before. With the fifth center expressiveness comes into being: love becomes creativity. It can be expressed in different ways in different people – it can become music, it can become poetry, it can become sculpture, it can become dance – the possibilities are endless. But one thing is certain: when you are in the fifth center, love becomes creative. Below the fifth center, love was only productive – producing children. In the fifth center it becomes creative; you are creating a new kind of children. For a poet, his poetry is his child; for a musician, his music is his child. In the fifth center one becomes a mother, a womb.

These two centers, the fourth and fifth, are focused on something else. The first three were focused on your own self — that’s why sex never happens, sex is always a fight, a fight. He creates intimate enemies, not friends, because both partners are selfish. They want more and more pleasure from the other. Both lack, no one is ready to give.

Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh

“Messiah, vol. 2”

My comment : After all these in practice in life as routine one fine day without the help of other you discover your reality or soul to enter the seventh and eighth stage of love.

Awareness meditation is the way worked for me and I tried it first during brushing my teeth in the morning after trying 8-10 meditations over period of 15 years! So there is no need to reinvent the circle for you. May be you too find it suitable otherwise with Dynamic meditation and/or Kundalini in the evening it is suitable for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho for contemporary people that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

Once you are able to attain no-mind state during awareness meditation practice, then you can apply it during any other act too. If you apply it during sex then it becomes TANTRA and you may attain ecstatic orgasm because you are able to touch the centre of your being. This is how you can use the sexual energy into your spiritual journey. Once you touched the centre then by practicing other meditations you can go beyond the need of the other to attain such ecstatic state. This is how one can move from sex to super consciousness.

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Disciples of Jesus left him alone in last minutes but Osho’s disciples remained with him till he left his body willingly after working, till last day, for all of us to get enlightened. Jesus tried hard till last minute, before being caught, to teach meditation to his disciples. As per Saint John’s Gospel:- Jesus used word ‘Sit’ to transfer his meditative energy to them and went on to pray God, but on returning he found them sleeping. He tried two times again but in vain.

Even today Zen people use word ‘Sit’ for meditation in their saying ‘Sit silently, do nothing, season comes and the grass grows by itself green’. 

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