A Telegram Channel’s public group with a purpose- type t.me/Philosiaa to join or scan QR

Inviting intelligent people who interested in their personal growth in spiritual world. Everyone has to move alone in this journey and good thing is that it grows by sharing our thoughts, as a friend, with people who are fellow travellers in this journey.

Before Osho left his body he gave detailed instructions to one of her disciples so that a book with title ‘The Philosia of existence – The world of Osho’ could be published with given chapter headings around 12 in numbers. I am starting this to let the existence shower same effects upon people through this channel and it’s group.

So our Channel is having half part of it and under this channel as a group ‘The world of Osho chat’ will complete the book title.

It is great if you could please Share this link to all like minded people you think who could get benefitted by this group of the channel.

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