Height of stupidity.

Smiling scow ready to hug, even kiss too, Sanatan Dharma followers!

This is the land which considers messages of mystics as universal ie Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam. People of the world accepted Yoga because message of Patanjali was for humanity. But these fellow find digesting wisdom of any other mystic of the world since they think that only Hindus have this right to give universal messages through their mystics. First of all an order by ministry is issued to celebrate Valentine day 2023 in India as Cow Hug Day. Orthodox Hindu also called as Sanatan Dharma followers were resisting celebration of Valentine day, since last 10-15 years, as against their Hindu sentiments. It seems that these people tried to create perception about 💝 by misusing government power and got an order passed by ministry

but failed as Sanatan Dharma narrative they created started loosing grounds because of BBC Documentary and Adani FPO failure so not much takers could be attracted so taken back the order. See the Hashtags created on Instagram for this

#cowhugday #cow #cowhugs #cowhug #cowhugging #cowhugger#cowhugdaybygovt #cowhugmee #cowhugday14feb #cowhugtherapy #cowhugsession #cowhugsarethebesthugs#cowhuggergear #cowhugdaymemes #cowhugday2023 #cowhugdayfeb14 #cowhugdayinsteadofvalentines.

Then it was taken back looking at the preparations cows have started to celebrate in sincere following of Sanatan Dharma to its totality.


Where the cow is without fear
And the horns are held high,
Where bullshit is free
Where the cow has not been eaten up by anti-nationals and traitors. Where the fools are revered by idiots,
Where brainless strives to lynch one and all.
Where the muddy stream of superstitions has not lost its way Into the dreary desert sand of knowledge.
Where the mind is led backward by thee
Into ever widening thoughtless action.
Into that hell of ignorance, my national mother,

With apologies to Rabindra Nath Tagore.

( Shantanu Basu )

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