Sudden enlightenment is catching hold of truth when it pops up naturally.

We have just forgot to do subjective research. We mastered it in our childhood and learned a lot!

Truth looks died for the person of belief. The truth buried deep inside usually comes out to breath just like a bubble. Those bubbles could be shocking news or aha moment. Sufi says it happens seven times in life of everyone here. A little awareness practice just help in getting hold of it in that moment.

This Discovery of truth or catching sight of it, when the truth erupts naturally, is a matter of subjective research. It is quite similar to catching of fish like a heron.

Source : wiki on great blue Heron

This is why Zen people say sit silently, do nothing and the grass grows by otself green. Due to sudeen holding of truth when it erupts naturally in the moment of intese awarenss practice, it is called as sudden awakening.

Most contemporary people are going to discover it in this way and in future too beacuse it can happen while living social life. You need not have to devote precious time of life from busy schedule to practice awareness mediation. It can be done while doing any act!


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