Main kar sakti hain(मैं कर सकती हैं)


I can do it. That is the theme of life one has to feel and catch and keep feeling as long as one exists in the body. That is the key to a happy life. Money may come and go, relations, friends may come and go, but once you stop feeling “I can do it” you have died before death knocks your doors.

Hmm..well coming back to what drove me for writing this today is this movie “Tumhari Sulu”. Full of mind-blowing dialogues, story, flawless acting and such a positive attitude towards life and living life as it brings each day, making it a creative return gift to the god by responding uniquely to the events thru the day.

Yes, I am in love with this character Sulu from this movie. She can really face anything and everything that comes here way with courage. With great confidence she…

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