Buddhists and Jains persecuted in Ancient India.- Osho

Buddhists and Jains persecuted in Ancient India by Brahmans is a well known and well documented fact.

I do not support history as proof, but it is true that Buddhism was eradicated by force in India.
That time enlightened people were selectively caught and killed by Brahmins and their Sanghas were destroyed to eradicate Buddhism.
Bodhidharma was not enlightened so his master, a female, advised him to move to China because he could not be caught. Bodhi Dharma went to China and took further nine years to get enlightened! The rest is history.

It is a well known fact that Buddhism was thriving in India. India was progressing and inner scientific research ie subjective research was also growing very rapidly under Buddhism.
All major tourist attractions today are result of efforts of various Kings to spread the messages of Buddha.
Everything that grows has to get reduced to small size. Like formation of huge mountains leads to conversion of it into sand particles and getting settled at river beds. Then again nature start making them strong and thus forms the sand stone.

Had that growth continued then India world have pioneered in objective science too. It is my assumption that they have developed a method by which an awakened person could be tested by King using some methods. This way a person is Brahman or not could be detected easily. This became reason for destruction of Buddhism and Buddhist literature. But truth works in a miraculous way! 
This discovering who is real Brahmin and who is now possible through Gamma wave scanning of human brain. 

But existence has to take care of everyone on the planet. So the fall of Buddhism resulted in sprouting of two religions Christianity and Muslim from it. The growth of science today is because of these two religions. They supported growth of scientific enquiry, reading and learning from books as a necessity for every follower of their religion. It is because both are based upon a religious book.

Osho did the rest by removing the tag of Science leaning on west and spiritual leaning on East. His experiment lasting 20years and comprising disciples from 75 countries living together on vegetarian food prepared by themselves resulted in west learning methods of spiritual growth like mindfulness meditation and dynamic meditation etc and East learned the scientific enquiry and research and western psychology and healing methods based on it.

Since these things have happened many times in the past, it is not new phenomenon.
Then what we can do? What is purpose of our life?
To know more read the messages by mystics of the world clubbed together by Osho so that we do not have to reinvent the wheel.

As we grow we need to become more efficient so as to earn our bread and butter hence we become robotic. While in our childhood we acted consciously during every act. This is why even the work was relaxing like a play. This awareness that we have lost is needed to be regained or discovered.

Osho says “At any moment you close your eyes, first you will see thoughts, a layer of thinking all around you, thoughts vibrating – one coming, another going – a crowd, a traffic. Remain silent for a few seconds, and suddenly you will see that thinking is no longer there but dreaming has started. You are dreaming that you have become the president of a country, or you have found a brick of gold on the road, or you have found a beautiful woman or a man, and suddenly you start projecting; dreams start functioning. If you continue dreaming for a long time, one moment will come when you will fall asleep – thinking, dreaming, sleep, and from sleep again to dreaming and thinking. This is how your whole life revolves. Real awareness is not known yet, and that real awareness is what Patanjali says will destroy ignorance – not knowledge, but awareness. We collect knowledge just to befool ourselves and others.”—————-Osho, Yoga:The science of the soul.

The mind is biggest hurdle in our inner journey. It is helpful too but only up to a certain altitude after that it needed to be disconnected from it because then it starts creating more trouble. So just like first stage of rocket engine is left to drop on the Earth so that the satellite can be launched in its orbit, our mind too needs to be dropped in subtle way so that even the mind could not recognise being dropped!

Awareness meditation is of great help in getting this job done.

Osho says “The deep problem is: how to become aware, how not to be unconscious. From where to start? Don’t try to fight with some very deep-rooted habit. You will be defeated. Start with very neutral habits.

For example: you go for a walk; just be aware that you are walking. (Try to Walk with witnessing consciousness).

 Awareness meditation is the way worked for me and I tried it first during brushing my teeth in the morning after trying 8-10 meditations over period of 15 years! So there is no need to reinvent the circle for you. May be you too find it suitable otherwise with Dynamic meditation and/or Kundalini in the evening it is suitable for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho for contemporary people that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

My experiences may be of your help in taking only one step. Because everyone has to move forward alone, this is the nature of this journey.
In my life mindfulness or awareness meditation helped miraculously. Apart from that living a simple, authentic and totality in life is very helpful even when we are serving people around us with great love and care without discrimination.

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