Grief could be used to transform our 4D body.

A famous interaction of Rumi with picture of Rumi. Rumi says that when a person said to him ‘what about my eyes?’, He said ‘Keep them on the road.’ When asked ‘What about my passion?’ He said ‘Keep it burning.’ When asked ‘What about my heart?’ He said ‘Tell me what you hold inside it?’ The person said “Pain and sorrow.” He said “Stay with it. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
4D body is treated here as our real body which has capacity to hold light. This mortal body is able to hold darkness only.

In his talks on Chinese Taoist Scripture “The secret of Golden petal” in his book “The secret of the secrets Vol 1, Chtapter 8, Real is for always” Osho says:-

‘Don’t avoid love.

Go through it, with all its pains.

Yes, it hurts, but if you are in love it doesn’t matter.
In fact, all those hurts strengthen you. Sometimes it really hurts badly, terribly, but all those wounds are necessary to provoke you, to challenge you, to make you less sleepy.

All those dangerous situations are necessary to make you alert.

Love prepares the ground, and in the soil of love the seed of meditation can grow – and only in the soil of love.
So those who escape from the world out of fear will never attain to meditation. They can sit in theHimalayan caves for lives together, they will not attain to meditation. It is not possible – they have
not earned it.

First it has to be earned in the world; first they have to prepare the soil. And it is only love that prepares the soil.
Hence my insistence for my sannyasins not to renounce the world. Be in it, take its challenge, accept its dangers, its hurts, wounds. Go through it. Don’t avoid it, don’t try to find a short-cut because there is none. It is a struggle, it is arduous, it is an uphill task, but that is how one reaches the peak.

And the joy will be more, far more, than if you were dropped on the peak by a helicopter, because you will have reached there ungrown; you will not be able to enjoy it. Just think of the difference…

You try hard to reach Everest. It is so dangerous – every possibility of dying on the way, every possibility of never reaching to the peak; hazardous, dangerous; death waiting for you at each step; so many traps and so many possibilities of being defeated rather than being successful. Out of one hundred possibilities there is only one possibility that you may reach. But the closer you come to the peak, the higher the joy rises in you. Your spirit soars high. You earn it; it is not free. And the more you have paid for it, the more you will enjoy it.

Then think: you can be dropped from a helicopter on the top. You will stand on the top and you will just look silly, stupid – what are you doing here?

Within five minutes you will be finished, you will say, ’So I have seen it! There is nothing much here!’

The journey creates the goal. The goal is not sitting there at the end of the journey, the journey creates it at each step. The journey is the goal. The journey and the goal are not separate, they are not two things. The end and the means are not two things. The end is spread over all the way; all the means contain the end in them.

So never miss any opportunity of living, of being alive, of being responsible, of being committed, of getting involved. Don’t be a coward. Face life, encounter it. And then slowly slowly something inside you will crystallize.”

I wish to describe it from my personal experience in spiritual journey as below:- 

1) We are not just this body mind but we are beyond it too and this body mind is too small as compared to the beyond. Beginning with touching our body all around till infinite is part of our body called as ‘beyond’ which we all share as oneness. I use wave part of an atom in quantum physics as metaphor or as another metaphor i use 4th Dimension, called here by me are 4D Body, as described in this video 

for our invisible 4D body part known as beyond.

If you could purchase this 4D Toys app and learn to play with it then you can experience this 4th Dimension too. 

2) When we are facing grief in our life then our attitude while facing it is very important. If we face it courageously then our invisible body part start growing beyond our body. So all is not lost during that time, but we are gaining that which cannot be gained routinely with our education etc. 

3) A person can go on extending this part of body that is beyond body or 4D Body to such a level that it touches the infinite for a moment. In that moment transformation happens and that person start living both body at will. This is called as awakening.

Mystics have said that life of a real human being begins after attaining this 4D Body state.

So if we are saving our kids from all possible difficulties and making their life comfortable then we are actually harming growth of their important body part ie the 4th Dimension.
A rebellious person is the one who faces difficulties with great courage.

Osho in chapter#3 “You are born with courage” of book titled “Living on your own terms” says:-

The rebel remains in the society, but he is no longer part of the society—that is his renunciation and that is his rebelliousness.

He is not stubborn, he is not adamant, he is not an egoist; he does not just go on fighting blindly.

If he finds something is right he obeys it, but he obeys his own feeling of rightness, not the commandment given by others.

And if he sees that it is not right he disobeys it, whatsoever the cost may be. He may accept a crucifixion, but he will not accept any spiritual slavery.

The situation of the rebel is tremendously exciting: Each moment he is faced with problems because the society has a fixed mode, a fixed pattern, fixed ideals.

And the rebel cannot go with those fixed ideals—he has to follow his own still small voice. If his heart is saying no, there is no way, no power, to force him to say yes. You can kill him, but you cannot destroy his rebellious spirit.

His renunciation is far greater than the renunciation of Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, and millions of others—they simply renounced the society, escaped into the forest, into the mountains.

It was an easier way, but very dangerous because it goes against your growth.

The rebel renounces the society and still remains in it, fighting (to lessen the pain and sorrow of others as if his own and helping them to come out of it) moment to moment. In this way he not only grows,(in his 4th Dimension body or 4D Body) he also allows the society to learn that there are many things that are not right, but have been thought to be right.

There are many things that are immoral but have been thought moral; there are many things that have been thought very wise, but they are really otherwise.

A person of rebellious spirit will have to be aware about every ideal, howsoever ancient, and will respond according to awareness and understanding—not according to the conditioning of the society. That is true renunciation.
Lao Tzu, an authentic rebel—more authentic than Gautam Buddha and Mahavira, because he remained in the world and fought in the world—lived according to his own light, struggling, not escaping.

He became so wise that the emperor invited him to become his prime minister. He simply refused. He said, “It won’t work because it is improbable that we can come to the same conclusions about things. You live according to the ideals your forefathers have given to you; I live according to my own conscience.” But the emperor was insistent; he could not see that there was any problem.

As far as the world is concerned … and the world and the society are not the same thing. In the past, the so-called religious people have renounced the society and the world, both. The rebel will fight against the society, renounce its ideals, and he will love the world—because the world, the existence, is our very source of life. To renounce it is to be anti-life. But all religions have been anti-life, life-negative. The rebel should be life-affirmative. He will bring in all those values that make the world more beautiful, more lovable, which make the world more rich. It is our world—we are part of it, it is part of us—how can we renounce it? Where can we go to renounce it? The world is in the Himalayan cave as much as it is here in the marketplace. The world has to be nourished because it is nourishing you. The world has to be respected because it is your very source of life. All the juice that flows in you, all the joys and celebrations that happen to you, come from existence itself. Rather than running away from it, you should dive deeper into it; you should send your roots to deeper sources of life and love and laughter. You should dance and celebrate. Your celebration will bring you closer to existence, because existence is in constant celebration. Your joy, your blissfulness, your silence, will bring the silences of the stars and the sky; your peace with existence will open the doors of all the mysteries it contains. There is no other way to become enlightened.

This man Lao Tzu was a rebel; he lived in the society, he struggled in the society. A rebellious mind can only think the way he thought. When he was appointed as Prime Minister and declared punishment to both people, while hearing a case of theft in a house of a rich man. He was not reacting—otherwise there were precedents and law books. He was not looking in the law books and the precedents; he was looking inside his own self, watching the situation. Why are so many people poor? Who is responsible for it? Certainly those who have become too rich are the real criminals. A rebel will renounce ideals, morals, religions, philosophies, rituals, and superstitions of the society, but not the society itself. He is not a coward, he is a warrior. He has to fight his way and he has to make paths for other rebels to follow.

The rebel will honor existence, he will have immense reverence for life in whatsoever form it exists—for men, for women, for trees, for mountains, for stars. In whatever form life exists, the rebel will have a deep reverence. That will be his gratitude, that will be his prayer, that will be his religion, that will be his revolution. To be a rebel is the beginning of a totally new kind of life, a totally new style of life; it is the beginning of a new humanity, of a new man. I would like the whole world to be rebellious, because only in that rebelliousness will we blossom to our full potential, will we release our fragrances. We will not be repressed individuals, as man has remained for centuries … the most repressed animal. Even birds are far more free, far more natural, far more in tune with nature. When the sun rises, it does not knock on every tree, saying, “Wake up, the night is over.” It does not go to every nest of birds, saying, “Start singing, it is time for song.” No, just as the sun rises, the flowers start opening on their own accord. And the birds start singing—not by an order from above, but from an intrinsic inevitability, from a joy, from a blissfulness.

The birds do not sing out of compulsion. This cuckoo is not singing because of any presidential order, because of an emergency—it is simply rejoicing with the sun, with the trees. Existence is a constant celebration. The flowers have opened their petals not because of any order—it is not a duty. It is a response—a response to the sun, a respect, a prayer, a gratitude. A rebel lives naturally, responds naturally, becomes at home and at ease with existence. He is an existential being. That defines the rebel correctly: the existential being. Existence is his temple, existence is his holy scripture, existence is his whole philosophy. He is not an existentialist, he is existential; it is his experience.

He does not renounce, he has no condemnation; he has only great honor in his heart, and gratitude.
To me, this gratitude is the only prayer.

Be a rebel and help the others to become a rebel too. To help them learn how to act out of meditativeness instead of past, I suggest everyone to learn and practice awareness meditation, as it can be done during any act of routine.

-Osho, Living on your own terms : what is real rebellion (Osho life essentials)

As we grow we need to become more efficient so as to earn our bread and butter hence we become robotic. While in our childhood we acted consciously during every act. This is why even the work was relaxing like a play. This awareness that we have lost is needed to be regained or discovered.

Osho says “At any moment you close your eyes, first you will see thoughts, a layer of thinking all around you, thoughts vibrating – one coming, another going – a crowd, a traffic. Remain silent for a few seconds, and suddenly you will see that thinking is no longer there but dreaming has started. You are dreaming that you have become the president of a country, or you have found a brick of gold on the road, or you have found a beautiful woman or a man, and suddenly you start projecting; dreams start functioning. If you continue dreaming for a long time, one moment will come when you will fall asleep – thinking, dreaming, sleep, and from sleep again to dreaming and thinking. This is how your whole life revolves. Real awareness is not known yet, and that real awareness is what Patanjali says will destroy ignorance – not knowledge, but awareness. We collect knowledge just to befool ourselves and others.”—————-Osho, Yoga:The science of the soul.

The mind is biggest hurdle in our inner journey. It is helpful too but only up to a certain altitude after that it needed to be disconnected from it because then it starts creating more trouble. So just like first stage of rocket engine is left to drop on the Earth so that the satellite can be launched in its orbit, our mind too needs to be dropped in subtle way so that even the mind could not recognise being dropped!

Awareness meditation is of great help in getting this job done.

Osho says “The deep problem is: how to become aware, how not to be unconscious. From where to start? Don’t try to fight with some very deep-rooted habit. You will be defeated. Start with very neutral habits.

For example: you go for a walk; just be aware that you are walking. (Try to Walk with witnessing consciousness).

 Awareness meditation is the way worked for me and I tried it first during brushing my teeth in the morning after trying 8-10 meditations over period of 15 years! So there is no need to reinvent the circle for you. May be you too find it suitable otherwise with Dynamic meditation and/or Kundalini in the evening it is suitable for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho for contemporary people that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

My experiences may be of your help in taking only one step. Because everyone has to move forward alone, this is the nature of this journey.
In my life mindfulness or awareness meditation helped miraculously. Apart from that living a simple, authentic and totality in life is very helpful even when we are serving people around us with great love and care without discrimination.

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