‘What is Real India?’ – Osho’s reply to L K Advani, the then Minister

Smiling photo of Osho while answering about Real India wearing a cap.
Real India lives in heart of the seekers, where they live on this planet is not at all concern because India represent soul of the cosmos-Osho saying it with smile on his face.

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Osho was blamed by Lal Krishna Advani, the then minister of Information and broadcasting, when video of his commune was to be telecasted on TV, citing reason as not representing the ‘Real India’ for not giving permission for it’s broadcast. 

What Osho replied as as below:-

Real is that which is happening. It may not be according to you – right, that is another point but it is real.
And I would like to tell you also that it is not something which is alien to the spirit of India, what is happening is this phenomenon which is really the very soul of India. It happened in Buddha’s time, it happened in Mahavir’s time, it happened in Krishna’s time. It has happened again and again. The REAL India – if you really want to say what the real India is – consists not of politicians but of the mystics. The politicians come and go; the mystics remain.

Do you remember any politician’s name of the time of Buddha? Where are they? And they must have been as noisy as Mr. Advani. In their own time they must have been very noisy; they must have created much fuss.
Do you remember the politicians who crucified Jesus? And if you remember the name of Pontius Pilate, you remember it only because he crucified Jesus; otherwise who would have remembered? There have been thousands of governor-generals in the world.

A politician said to the dying Socrates, ’We are sorry that you had to be sentenced to death.’

Socrates opened his eyes and said, ’Don’t be worried. You cannot kill me, I will live. And remember, your name will be remembered only because of me.’

And that is so.

The real India is a quest of the innermost soul of man – not the geography, not the political history, but the inner journey. The journey of meditation is the real India. Mahavir represents it. Buddha represents it. Krishna and Christ and Nanak – they represent the real India. And I have the heritage of all of them – and much more.

A great synthesis is happening here – something that has never happened before, of which they are afraid, and which NEEDS to happen. It is a must for humanity’s survival. I am trying to create a great synthesis: the synthesis between Zorba the Greek and Gautam the Buddha, the synthesis between materialism and spiritualism. I am trying to create a spiritual materialism.

These two things have always remained separate, antagonistic to each other. And because of their antagonism man has remained schizophrenic, because man is both body and soul. Man is not only soul, man is not only body. To insist that man is only body is materialism. To insist that man is only soul is spiritualism. Both are half, and both are wrong because they are half, and both are unsatisfactory alone. They have proved unsatisfactory.

Man has to be accepted in his totality. As far as the body is concerned, a man has to be Zorba the Greek. And as far as the soul is concerned, a man has to be Gautam the Buddha. If body and soul can exist together, why can Buddha and Zorba not exist together in a single man? That will be the highest synthesis.

The West has remained materialistic. It suffers from materialism. It has all the benefits of materialism: great technology, beautiful houses, better medical facilities, longer life, more beautiful bodies, more healthy bodies.

It has all the benefits of materialism, it is rich, affluent, but it suffers because it has lost its soul. The inner world is empty, hollow.

The West has all that is needed on the outside, but in managing the outside it has leaned too much towards materialism and forgotten its own inner world. The master is lost; the soul is lost.

The kingdom is there but the king is dead, hence the Western anguish, hence the Western search for the king. Hence the inquiry into meditation, because meditation is the only way to seek and search for the inner king. Where has he gone? Where is the inner light?

The East has remained spiritual. It has all the beauties of spirituality: calmness, quietness, relaxedness, loving, compassion. It has a certain quality, a flavour of the inner, but the body is sick, and there is great poverty and starvation all around.

And the outer world is ugly; it has suffered much too. And both are tense, because unless you are whole you will be tense.

Can’t you see that the East is no more interested in meditation?

That’s why you don’t see many Indians here. The East is no more interested in meditation, it is no more interested in Buddha; its interest has shifted, and it is natural. It wants to know more about physics, chemistry, engineering, medical science.

Eastern talent goes to the West, to Oxford, to Cambridge, to Harvard, to Princeton, to learn what has happened in the West. Eastern talent has only one desire: how to go to the West and learn something of modern science.

The talented Eastern person cannot believe why you Westerners are coming to the East. You have Oxford and you have Harvard, why are you coming here? We are trying to get there and you are coming here. It looks so absurd.

But the West has to come to the East. Harvard and Oxford have proved lacking.

They have given much, but they have not given inner richness. The West is affluent, and because the West is affluent, the West has become more aware in contrast to its affluence of the inner poverty, the inner black hole.

The outside is so full of light that the inner black hole in contrast has become very clear.

The search has started – the West is moving towards the East, the East is moving towards the West.

The Eastern intellectual becomes a communist, and the Western intellectual becomes a meditator. This can go on, and this can lead again to another kind of shift and to misery.

The West can become the East and the East can become the West, and the problem will remain the same.

My effort here is a great experiment in bringing the East and West together.

Kipling has said that East and West shall never meet.

I would like to tell Kipling – he must be somewhere in his grave, because he is a Christian and he will not leave the grave before the Last Judgement Day – Sir, East and West ARE meeting. They have already met. They are meeting here in this place, which Advani says does not represent the real image of India.

It (India) represents the East, but it represents more than the East: it represents East plus West, it represents the whole of humanity; it is an experiment in universal brotherhood. You will find Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, Parsees, Jainas, Buddhists, Hindus – all kinds of people – here. They have all dropped their identities, they have fallen into a universal brotherhood. And you say this does not represent the real image of India?

And remember also: India is not a small country, it is a vast continent. It is not one tradition, it is many traditions. But the people who are in power now are basically Hindu chauvinists. A very wrong kind of person has come to power. Their whole idea is of a very narrow Hinduism – so narrow that it does not even contain the whole current of Hinduism. Hence it is very much afraid.

If these people are allowed to have their say, sooner or later they will bulldoze Khajuraho, Konarak, because they will say they don’t represent the real image of India.

Why are they so much against me? – because here Yoga is happening, Sufism is happening, Zen is happening, Tao is happening, Tantra also. And Tantra is creating trouble.

These people in New Delhi are utterly sexually frustrated, repressed people.

Khajuraho is being born again here. To whom does Khajuraho belong?

I have not made that temple.

I would suggest to Advani: Destroy Khajuraho, because the BBC people may come and film it.

It is a beautiful temple, one of the most beautiful on the earth, because there is nothing more beautiful than love. There is nothing more graceful then a couple in deep love, in a deep loving embrace. There is nothing more divine than that. Something of God descends (to give birth to a child) when a couple is in deep love, in an orgasmic ecstasy. Khajuraho represents that. Konarak represents that. And there are thousands of Tantra scriptures. 

India is a vast continent thousands of years have passed and many traditions have lived together.

Tantra has existed side by side with Yoga.

Yoga is repressive, Tantra is expressive.

Yoga is afraid of sex, Tantra rejoices in sex.

Yoga says, ’Avoid sex if you want to go to God,’ and Tantra says, ’Use sex if you want to go to God.’

And my own observation is that Tantra is far more profound than Yoga, because sex is the energy given to you by God; repressing it will be very disrespectful to God.

Use it.

And it is the creative energy in you: it creates the child, it brings new life.

It has some other aspects also, hidden aspects. If you use it meditatively, if you use it as prayer, it call create you anew, it can give you a rebirth. You will become a DWIJA, a twice-born.

Sex energy has two poles to it.

One is: if it moves downwards, it reproduces children. A tremendous miracle, the birth of a child.

If it moves upwards, it creates you: a new integrity, a new individuation, a new centre of being is born.

Tantra is one of the greatest sciences ever born for the transformation of man.

And this place is not an ordinary ashram, dull, dead, as Indians have become accustomed to ashrams, this place is an alchemical academy. We are doing great experiments in expanding human consciousness, and we are using all kinds of techniques available to humanity, both Eastern and Western. They are very much afraid of this.

Remember that what is happening here is something so scientific that only people who know something about modern developments in humanistic psychology, who know something about encounter therapy, gestalt, psychodrama, primal therapy, who know something about psychoanalysis, psychosynthesis, who know something about EST, Arica, who know something about Vipassana, Zazen, Sufi whirling – only they will be able to understand what is happening here.

This place has great intellect, great intelligence, great talent. We have hundreds of D.Litt.s, Ph.D.s, D.Phil.s, and thousands who have M.A.s, M.Sc.s and other qualifications. No other Indian university can claim as much talent as we have here. Even Ph.D.s are cleaning toilets!

So send some educated people, not your M.P.s – they won’t understand a thing – and then decide. You are also invited, Mr. Advani.

And what kind of democracy is this? You came to power in the name of democracy. Even Indira did not dare to interfere with my work. And you are democrats…? Nothing but Hindu chauvinists!

India is a vast continent. Do you think Charvaka and his materialism is not India? Do you think Buddha, who denies God, who denies the soul, who denies the world, who is a nihilist – an utter nihilist, a nihilist PAR EXCELLENCE – was he not a Hindu? Do you think Tilopa and Saraha were not Indians? Great tantrikas.

Who do you think is Indian?

India has many currents. And it is beautiful. It is not a monolith, that’s why it is beautiful. It is a rainbow, it has all the colours: Buddhists have an ideology, Jainas have a totally different ideology, and Hindus have many ideologies.

Hinduism is not a narrow religion. In Hinduism there is nothing like a Pope or a church; it is not an organized religion at all. And that is the beauty of it; it allows all kinds of people to have all kinds of ways. It says: All ways lead to God. It is the most tolerant religion in the world.

But the Hindu chauvinist cannot tolerate it. He starts trying to make Hinduism also as narrow as he is narrow. These are the ideas in their minds. These ideas are creating trouble for them.

All kinds of people come to me. You will find scientists here, you will find psychologists here – in hundreds. You will find psychotherapists here, you will find poets, painters, artists, musicians, actors. You will find all kinds of talented people here – except politicians.

Why is the politician so afraid to come here?

There is a reason. The politician is the least religious person in the world, the most anti-religious person in the world. Politics and religion are polar opposites. Politics is ambition, religion is non-ambition. Politics is an ego trip, religion is the dissolution of the ego. Politics is struggle, a cut-throat competition; it is basically, essentially violent.

Religion is love – no competition, no comparison. Hence you will not find politicians here.

And because I call a spade a spade, they are afraid of me. They can’t come face to face with me. Mr. Advani, I invite you and your colleagues to come here and encounter me, encounter my people. It will give you some insight into what is happening here.

It is one of the greatest experiments ever done: how to expand human consciousness without drugs. And, let me tell you, politics is a drug. Politicians are alcoholics. Politics is a kind of neurosis. You can go to the parliament and sitting there for one day just watch and you will see: you will not see such madness even in a madhouse.

And these people are going to decide who represents India?

India is vast, let me say it again. Nobody can represent the whole of India – nobody has that authority to represent the whole of India. It is not a tiny, small place; not one tradition, not one religion, not one language either.

And these Hindu chauvinists are trying to force one language on the country. Behind Hindi there is nothing but Hindu chauvinism. They are trying to force one language, Hindi, on the whole country – which is nonsense; it cannot be done, it should not be done.

And remember, my own mother tongue is Hindi, and I love it; it is a beautiful language. But that is another matter.

This country has many beautiful languages. No language should be forced on the country, that will be violent, undemocratic. But that’s what they are trying to do – directly, indirectly.

And let me warn the country: if these people persist in trying to force Hindi on the whole of the country, that will be the reason one day or other that India becomes split. South India is bound to go on its own way against the North, because the North is becoming too Hindu chauvinistic.

If this country is going to be destroyed one day, the reason will be these people who are in power today.

India cannot have one language. And if it can have one language, that language has to be neutral; either it will be English or Esperanto, but not Hindi, not Gujarati, not Marathi, not Bengali, not Tamil.

It will have to be a neutral language. English is neutral; it is nobody’s mother tongue in India. And English is international too, so it is perfectly good. I support a two-language formula: English as the national language, because it is also international and as the second language, the

Each child should be taught two languages. Forget all about Hindi, and forget all about creating one monolith in this country of variety, of multiplicity.

And they are trying to do the same thing with religion too, in the same way. They want to force me not to do what I am doing here because my approach is non-political. I have no vested interest in anything – in any language, in any province, in any religion, in any tradition. My approach is that the whole past is ours – and not only the Indian past, the whole past of humanity is ours. That’s why I have chosen to speak on Chinese Masters, Japanese Masters, Greek Masters, Hebrew Masters. I am going to speak on all the Masters of the world, so that, listening to all these different songs, you can become universal.

They are afraid of all this. They would like me only to talk on the Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita is beautiful, and I have talked on it, but I am not going to talk ONLY on this. I don’t belong to any tradition, to any past.

I claim the whole past as mine, and the whole future too.

It happens sometimes that a politician wants to come, but then he sends ’feelers’, he sends people. And those people come and they want me to invite the politician.

Why should I invite?

All the people come here. Whosoever wants to come here can come here. We are not here to pay special respect to anybody, and to politicians, certainly not. They send messages to me that ’X is ready to come to inaugurate the ashram,’ that ’Y is ready to lay the foundation for the new commune.’

I will not allow any politician to lay the foundation of my commune; it will be sacrilegious.

I will not allow any politician to come and inaugurate my ashram.

Politicians – what have they to do with religion?

What do they know about religion?

They have the dirtiest vibe possible.

But there were good days also in the past, and great people also. Listen to this anecdote. The Emperor came to visit the Zen Master Joshu, who was meditating in his room.

’Tell him to come in and make his bows,’ the Master said to his horrified attendant.

The Emperor entered and made his obeisance.

When Joshu was later asked about his rude behaviour, he explained, ’You just don’t understand. If a visitor of low class comes, I go to the temple gate to greet him. For a middle class guest I get up from my seat. A great emperor cannot be treated like that.’

The Emperor, of course, had been delighted with his reception.

But those were great days. An emperor was delighted… But these poor politicians, they send messages that they should be received at the gate, garlanded; they should be treated as VIP’s.

What nonsense!

If I even allow you entry, that is enough respect for you. If Sant does not prevent you at the gate, you should feel fortunate enough.

In the new commune, I am going to put a board on the gate: Politicians and dogs are not allowed.

Osho, From book : The Secret of Secrets, Vol 1, #10 The Zorba-Buddha Synthesis.

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Osho :-

I quote “Each child should be taught two languages. Forget all about Hindi, and forget all about creating one monolith in this country of variety, of multiplicity.”

My comment: Looking at the diversity of religions, I am of opinion that at least Indian parents can take another initiative to encourage their kids to have knowledge of at least two religions. Only if they start reading Osho’s books they are going to learn many religions for sure.

Whatever Osho said about politicians is proving right now. Lal Krishna Advani was the then minister and now there are no one from his party is ready to listen to him. Osho’s video was stopped by him but now they are being watched by millions and will continue to do so in future too.

So we can now understand that we need to put in dedicated efforts in growing inwards to be really successful in fulfilling the purpose of human life for which we are gifted this body unconditionally, while striving for success in material life too at the same time because then you are flying with two wings! 

My experiences may be of your help in taking only one step. Because everyone has to move forward alone, this is the nature of this journey.
In my life mindfulness or awareness meditation helped miraculously. Apart from that living a simple, authentic and totality in life is very helpful even when we are serving people around us with great love and care without discrimination.

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