Is this ‘The End’ of Caste discrimination on this planet?

The person Thenmozhi Soundararajan, who drove the last nail in coffin of cast discrimination in California and In second image hierarchical order of cast from Brahmin to Shudras is shown as pyramid structure.

Equality Labs reported through it’s Twitter handleCalifornia lawmakers voted to outlaw caste-based discrimination. California could soon make #civilrights history and become the first state to end this form of violence! Watch this video from @nbcnews to learn more”

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This social evil is about 3000 years old, and it’s shackles are so strong that it took combined and continuous efforts by more than 100 wise people together over last 200 years with continuous efforts of Britishers, European rulers and now USA to finally make a law that will make Brahman cast people equal to a common man.

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Here is the person who drove the last nail in the coffin of cast discrimination “Thenmozhi Soundararajan” seen demonstrating.


If this country, India, is truly proud of its Vedas, Upanishads and Geeta then this should be adopted willingly by Brahmin people by stopping Upanayan Sansakara. Due to this title of being supreme being or holy, the inner senses do not start accepting what you say instead get aroused even more strongly. Due to this, the whole life is spent in tension and the person remains devoid of even basic human life. Those who have similar views and able to survive this hardship will free themselves and their children from this hardship, hence they will have to voluntarily sacrifice their lives to live as a common man. If the son of the Queen of Britain and the daughter of the King of Japan can do this, then Brahamans can do the same. Living normal life is not that much a big struggle.

Caste discrimination is rooted so deep that it must be tackled very politely. Our kids and people needs to be trained to deal with it. I have suggested a way by using Namaste for it in one of my recent posts.

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