Are you a Christian thirsty of inner light? Three books for you.

Photo of Jesus calling every Christian. from
Christian needs to make this call from Jesus as their purpose of life. Photo link

The books are 1) Come follow to you, Volume 1-4, Osho talks on Jesus of Nazareth, St. John’s gospel.

2) Mustard seed : The revolutionary teachings of Jesus, Osho talks on Gospels of St Thomas.

3) I say unto you Vol 1 & 2: Son of God or Mystic?   Osho speaks on important messages of Jesus.

More about this third  book ‘I say unto you’ from description of this book at, as it is true for all other books too:

  “In I Say Unto You, we are introduced to a dynamic, compassionate, intelligent, loving Jesus, who speaks in a plain and simple way that everyone can understand, rather than the long-faced, sad and tortured man often depicted down the centuries.”

“Osho looks with a crystal-clear perception and humor at Jesus’ work, inviting us to see the parables and miracles as metaphors of the inner world.”

“He gives insight into Jesus’ own search (I call it scientific subjective reader hai), and his journeys to the ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Kashmir and Tibet. This journey  transformed him into one of the most evolved masters of the two paths of love and meditation – so relevant for today’s societies. Where the sharp or clever functioning of the mind is more valued than the intelligence of the heart.”

”Osho places Jesus amongst the great mystics of our time: an extraordinary man whose work went unacknowledged by his own people and was misunderstood by the creators of Christianity.”

If any Christian wish to further embark upon inner journey of scientific subjective research to discover own inner light, then my experiences may be of some help to such Christian. A YouTube animated video is created to describe the journey in a nutshell. 

Awareness Meditation is the way worked for me and I tried it first during brushing my teeth in the morning after trying 8-10 meditations over period of 15 years! So there is no need to reinvent the circle for you. May be you too find it suitable otherwise with Dynamic meditation and/or Kundalini in the evening it is suitable for most of the people. There are 110 other meditation techniques discovered by Indian Mystic Gorakhnath about 500years before and further modified by Osho for contemporary people that one can experiment and the suitable one could be practiced in routine life.

Image of Osho taking toothpaste on his toothbrush fully conscious of his every movement of hand and fingers. He msy also be enjoying the subtle fragrance of toothpaste and bathroom air freshner too!
Christian people thirsty of discovering inner light within and enter the kingdom of god as a King needs to learn awareness meditation. It is the door of entering the pure consciousness from functioning consciousness through subjective research.

Hi ….. I write my comments from my personal experiences of my inner journey. This post may include teachings of Mystics around the world that I found worth following even today. For more about me and to connect with me on social media platforms, have a look at my linktree website for connecting with my social media links, or subscribe my YouTube channel and/or listen to the podcasts etc.

My suggestions:-

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