osho gave to millennials awareness philosia neo-sannyas new-man

Osho suggested to not to reinvent the wheel that Buddha has invented. So the moment Buddha got enlightened was moment of total relaxation, since he tried every method available with much more than due diligence but failed to get any result. He studied Zen thoroughly and found that Zen people are getting enlightened in this age and to get enlightened they are following method of sudden enlightenment.
So Osho suggested that if meditation is made a way of life- living in a society, following one’s religion, raising kids and doing job all with utmost authenticity, totality and sincerity. then any day in a moment of total relaxation sudden enlightenment is possible for a common man or ordinary man. He also demonstrated that western psychology, it’s methods and healing technique can be used to bring depressed person to normal person and then through meditation he/she can become a torch bearer to light other depressed people. Only this is right way to heal a depressed person permanently. Modern psychology too was dipped into nectar of spirituality by Osho.
So Osho do not belong to any religion be it Hindu, Jaina, Christian etc but gave birth to a new man through neo-sannyas concept.


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