A fish is thirsty.

Whole world is facing very difficult time due to COVID-19 virus. People of every nation were trying their best to make their part of the world a better place to live. We were living in the best time ever on this planet. Enjoying material life, comfort and little effort to grow in their religious journey too. Irrespective of our religion, this pandemic brought all that to a halt by Lockdowns. It is right time to look at the other side of the coin called human life. With this podcast the effort is to reach out to the one who prefers to listen instead of reading long posts of mine.

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ऐसी भक्ति करे रैदासा।

रैदास की शिष्या, मीरा, के कृष्ण से मिलन की यात्रा को आज के परिदृश्य में बताने का प्रयत्न किया है। वह परमात्मा हमारा स्वरूप ही है, लेकिन यात्रा की भारी भरकम क़ीमत जो चुकाने को तैयार है उसे ही मिलता है। नाथद्वारा मैं आज भी मीरा का मंदिर है जो इस घटना का प्रमाण है। इसलिए उसे तोड़ा नहीं गया, पूरे मंदिर का पुनर्निर्माण कर दिया गया। वही उस मंदिर का केंद्र है।

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DNA cracked

I came to know about molecular research institute while watching a video of meeting of your scientists with Dalai Lama. In one question a scientist was asked to him about reason for automatic rearranging of DNA after trying new pattern in it. He answered as ‘Prana’ as a reason. It may be true but more […]

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Profile updated.

Every river just keeps flowing and one day it gets merged in the Ocean, from where its cycle begun by evaporation of water. Name of a river is the name of the path it traveled. Joshuto is name of the path, life lived as living human being, a person traveled to become what one is […]

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Ching of Tao through Kabir

Whatever will be written under this series, is vetted by my own experience only, except nirvaana. It is my own experience from practically applying Osho’s teachings in my family life over a span of about 30 years. Kabir is a ‘Bhakti marg’ saint where surrender comes first and meditative state attained as by product at […]

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