Inner wealth is real as no one can steal it.

My comment: whole world is going to feel the heat of this fire by this ‘Con’. Be ready to pay! Or be ready to learn and take U turn inwards. Inner wealth is real, it cannot be stolen and increases by sharing. Just your two minutes of awareness meditation for personal growth in inner worldContinue reading “Inner wealth is real as no one can steal it.”

Life and it’s fragility moment to moment.U

It is very old picture depicting dangers of life a human being is constantly subjected to, still we keep a blind eye towards them. The awakened one is actually the one who is able to see these dangers of life every moment.

What is kundalini awakening? Is it possible for women to experience it?

I answered a question about kundalini awakening and what are the chances of women getting enlightened.

The other is hell because you exist.U

I wanted to share my views from personal experiences in my spiritual journey. How I lived all through my life? And I was at loss everywhere in comparison to my friends, family members and colleagues but what I found is blissfulness, ecstasy and eternal life in return. Neither I was heading towards it nor I was trying to mix with society after my separation with spouse. Just kept trying with don’t know approach. What has helped me is worth sharing.