Most powerful and wealthy person feels more emptiness within.

Emptiness of the heart cannot be filled even after whole cosmos is piled up in it. Inner emptiness is infinitely bigger than that.
Mystics all over the world says that just by experiencing this emptiness it gets filled like flow of water into a breaking empty pot kept submerged in water. Our ego is that pot with emptiness within and all our sorrow, pain, worry is because we treat our body as eternal.
Osho’s actions came directly from emptiness or being or self. When any mystic come to know truth by ‘seeing’ it and then get his personality dissolved in it then his body is not more than a holographic projection for him, at least, and all his actions are just a drama in real life. While others around him are taking their life seriously and involved in their body. Their all acts evolve from body only.

Whenever such situation is created then works done by that enlightened person are called as ‘Leela’ or ‘Drama’ or ‘Play’ because only he was playing it in real life so treating him as hero it is named like Krishnaleela, Ramleela etc.

So for me Osholeela is about the message he gave by his actions or teachings or talks.

Coupled with my knowledge of reading many mystics in my life till date and experience after application of teachings in my life learning. It is an attempt to share what i learned from those who have known and lived ‘truth’ too from that emptiness.