Life and it’s fragility moment to moment.U

It is very old picture depicting dangers of life a human being is constantly subjected to, still we keep a blind eye towards them. The awakened one is actually the one who is able to see these dangers of life every moment.

What is kundalini awakening? Is it possible for women to experience it?

I answered a question about kundalini awakening and what are the chances of women getting enlightened.

What does it mean by ‘Chop wood, carry water’?

I tried to explain the difference between same routine followed by a mystic before and after awakening. Meditativeness or mindfulness in performing one’s duty/responsibility towards near ones and society leads to such transformation. Call it consciousness or REALITY or God or Love or Emptiness or Tao but the experience is same.

What is death?

Death happens to ‘ego’ only. Ego is mind’s creation as a substitute when inner light gets faint during adolescent age due to secretion of harmonies. It is like deposition of dust between contacts of fibre optic cable. Everyone is a unique individual and the uniqueness lies in the way one is going to discover theContinue reading “What is death?”

Enlightenment is experiencing the Zeno effect.U

Osho described that a human being is best represented as quantum or quanta. With research on quantum state gone much ahead in last 30-40 years, I can say that Zeno effect is experienced by a human being during enlightenment. If you divide life of a human being in infinite intervals than the human being tooContinue reading “Enlightenment is experiencing the Zeno effect.U”