Being aware or Awareness as meditation and How it helps?

Everyone has experienced no-thought moments called as meditative state. Whenever something happens such that we feel ‘aha’ moment or near death moment, then thoughts stop automatically but before we recognise it- it is gone. Meditation practice just helps in experiencing those moments consciously and then bringing those moments at will during any act.

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Spirituality is our thirst for emptiness within.

Emptiness is much talked and searched for. I used to try to watch any movie without involving into it but as a watcher. But the director’s effort are just reverse – to keep the viewer so much involved that the watcher forgets that he is watching a movie. So it remained a struggle all through my life. Whenever I am able to come out and I inform fellow near me, then the other’s taste of movie becomes saur. Here I am describing about my experience and what I learned from it without giving you a bitter experience.

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मेहंदी और मनुष्य जीवन

आज मुझे आंतरिक प्रेरणा हुई कि कितनी समानता है मनुष्य और मेहंदी में। काश की हम सब अपना हर पल इस प्रकार बिता सकें कि जब हम सूख कर खिर जायें तो पीछे लाल रंग से रंगी मोहक कलाकृति हो रह जाएँ और उसको बरकरार रखने के लिए हम भी अदृष्टता में अमर होकर रह जाएँ। जैसे आज ओशो हैं।

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Truth works in a miraculous way! सत्यमेव जयते.

This post evolved out of an answer I have posted in comment section of a post on FaceBook page. I tried to explain my point in short but the overflow from within made it too long and it is now converted into a post here. Anyone trying to explain ‘truth’ will find difficulty in explaining it due to its very nature. But this new idea to point towards one of the eternal quality may give you a glimpse about it to most of the people.

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One who walks alone-II

Here by taking passages from the book ‘The great secret’ by Osho on Kabir I tried to pass messages of Mystics in today’s language. No one is ever born and no one dies. The energy in existence remains constant all the time. Call it Tao or Zen. All fear are basically fear of death. All efforts of security are about not knowing that in security only the nature blossoms.

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One who walks alone.

Inner journey can never become together. The very essence of being alone is tried to explain from my own experiences of inner journey. Anyone can begin, this is half done. If someone is able to continue than it happens on its own accord. Wu-Wei-Wu. Mind is the only hurdle to it and meditation is the remedy to it.

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Ramadan Mubarak 🌺

Waiting for the time which drags us closer to our Almighty Lord we are ready to bow down for long hours in long prayers before the Almighty! … Ramadan Mubarak 🌺 Credit: Above is my reply to the post. The purpose of sharing it here is that when we leave our ego and become […]

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Nirbeej Samadhi is Satori

I am trying to explain the meaning of Nirbheej Satori ie Seedless Satori through a Hindi bhajan. Only on path of meditation for self realisation of consciousness or awakening in Indian philosophy it happens. Osho gave me this opportunity to learn.

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Satori is gestalt view of same world.

If a person sets goal to get enlightened only, then his journey will come to end the moment he get experience of Satori or Philosia. That is also one of the reason to not to set goal in inner world’s journey like we used to do in material world. There are plenty of treasures made […]

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