Qubit state of human being, both at a time.

Osho described that his state is very similar to the ‘Quanta’ state described by Albert Einstein. Now recent Quantum computer are based on it and its unit is termed as ‘Qubit’. When a Quantum computer’s/processor’s power is 2 Billion times more than a normal computer/processor then imagine increase in power of a ‘human being’ after […]

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Be a watcher.

Be a Watcher Witnessing is very powerful when the witnesser is lost. Whenever the no-mind or ego less state happens to coincide with witnessing – one may get a glimpse of inside ‘truth’ that liberates, then you are no more same person.Kabir said that when outside and inside becomes one, then only you have achieved […]

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wise can dare to check depth of water by feet.

If you fear something it means you do not know ‘Who you are?’.Fear is always due to unknown, unexperienced or imaginary but well set as truth. Now neither you know ‘Who you are?’ nor you know about that something you fear.So there are two unknown, you are the reason for both too. If you meditate […]

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Zen in real life.

It is amazing that what Zen philosophy says in one way, the spiritual way, this african proverb says in material sense-more practical to understand Zen. Zen people says that just sit silently, doing nothing, season comes and the grass grows itself green! What worked well in a situation, shallow water, same may not work again […]

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Compassion as well as helplessness of a mystic.

As you grow in material world, with experience many idioms and story heard, in younger age, cast a different shade of teachings behind them.As one grows in spiritual world or inner world the same idiom or quote or story points towards an altogether different meaning and lesson there from.Jokes by Osho or small stories by […]

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Namaste – one of the meaning.

I tried to present another perspective behind greeting another person by Namaste. It is Godliness the other that is respected. Zen masters in Japan too practice it. Being able to see the Godliness in everything and everyone around us in this life, is the destiny of everyone. It is bliss, ecstasy to be experienced so after one attains it.

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The Journey Begins

After experiencing Satori in August last year, i was busy defining this rare and unique experience and after reading few books of Osho it is now confirmed that by the grace of master Osho, the truth has revealed itself to me. Now I exist not! This blog is started keeping in mind those spiritual seekers like me.

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