Most recent Upanishad: The book of Mirdad.

An Upanishad by a western mystic for western people and now useful for the world. Osho suggested it for spiritual seekers of younger generation or student of psychology. You may like to listen to the book, then please follow the link: Andrew Harvey, in the forward of 2010 edition of the book writes. “It isContinue reading “Most recent Upanishad: The book of Mirdad.”

India at crossing point.

A person needs to change with time. In nature everything is changing. It is said that only thing that is constant in this material world is change. The eternity or truth is present in the material world in the form of change, I can conclude.  New government has changed whole perspective of governance in India.Continue reading “India at crossing point.”

Osho was first Reincarnation of Jesus, like Krishna is of lord Vishnu.

This is from my intuition and it may not resemble with truth. With hope that by now USA have learned a lesson from such mistake. I am proud of this nation on its learning and sharing attitude without prejudices. Jesus lived for many years after his crucifixion as Joshua, in Kashmir at Pahalgam. To meContinue reading “Osho was first Reincarnation of Jesus, like Krishna is of lord Vishnu.”