Why message of Christ and Mohammad survived?

I took advantage of efforts of Martha Beck to let you understand what is the meaning of Lao Tzu’s statement ‘Be like water’. It is the meditation that prepares one to become water or fluid when anyone gets enlightened on this planet.

How meditation actually helps us?

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com To listen this post: https://radiopublic.com/philosia-Gyel1p/ep/s1!bedc39d6d5f4c519023958d6ad16148bd32378b0 How meditation actually helps From the book — The Revolution: Talks On Kabir by Osho https://amzn.in/fgJDtSx to read it for free. “I have not come across a single man in my life who has not had enlightened moments.  You yourself don’t believe that you … Continue reading How meditation actually helps us?