Synchronicity is first step towards enlightenment. It is tried to explain that it happens on its own. It is called as Wu-Wei-Wu by Lao Tzu. There are basically four steps but the first is experienced but recognised later. So there are only two recognisable steps of experience during which it is happening. However it is absurd to say but actually there is no one who recognises but in word it can be expressed like this only. The experience is such cannot be expressed in words.

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The book of Mirdad, a modern Upanishad

From forward of the book:-Orthodox religions follow ‘Transcendental Mysticism’ because it can co-exist effortlessly with hierarchy, inequality and injustice, because in its vision the world is seen and known as either inevitably flawed or as an illusion. ‘ evolutionary mysticism’, which honours the union with the transcendent but which stresses the birth of the divine […]

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