Data and Mind

The Kingdom of God or Tao or Consciousness or Soul is like Data for a mobile phone. If you exist then the whole world around you exists too. The seed of your existence of world around lies in a person’s mind, and so every person defines the world around him differently, may be they all … Continue reading Data and Mind

Only few dare for Spiritual World too, after Conquering Zones of material world.

Many people become successful in their life but after reaching to the top they committed suicide. Why? What is the reason behind such achievement? They have used only one wing to fly in the sky, while even a bird needs two wings to fly in the sky. Meditation is the other wing, they have not bothered to grow it in their life while climbing on ladders of success in corporate world. In material life it needs to be just kept growing at very slow pace, so that when one embarks upon the spiritual journey or inner journey the much needed other wing has grown sufficiently to keep one flying in the sky.

अहिंसा और नेता – ओशो की नज़र से

ओशो के अहिंसा और सत्ता के असर पर प्रवचन

Best ever Four Word’s advices worth remembering

Taken from a post on Facebook by “jus’saying” Out of about 300+ advices by common people-only theirs is worth following too because it is the essence of their life and they learned the hard way. Don’t take my advice or trust your gut feelings/every answer lies within Do it and say- ie Don’t say I … Continue reading Best ever Four Word’s advices worth remembering

Osho’s dynamic meditation to enter the kingdom of god.

In this post I tried to explain the need of dynamic meditation for the people who are finding it difficulty in getting no-though moments after practising awareness meditation for many days. There are several factors that affect in bringing a person to no-thought state, even for two seconds, that I could decipher from my own experience.