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Yahan Sabka saqi Osho hai.

Photo Credit: AirtelMost people consider themselves as zero in front of God or enlightened persons, but such people are proof too that the infinite is within each of us too. They all lived normal life before enlightenment. Just the strong desire is missing, and right direction emerges on its own. pairodi (पैरोडी) on ‘Yeh hai … Continue reading Yahan Sabka saqi Osho hai.

Today’s thought on Medium.

https://medium.com/p/bf243bbb5c76?source=userActivityShare-7351677b22bf-1604286093 Ultimate potential or destiny of every human being. Wanna rediscover - we all lived in this state in our (every) childhood? Trying or not in this life itself is choice available too. The Crown ChakraCredit : Wikipedia