Texting or browsing meditation.

Listen, in US English, to podcast on this post at PocketCasts - Philosia (दर्शन) or on Castbox - Philosia (दर्शन) or on Apple Podcasts- Philosia (दर्शन) or on Overcast - Philosia or at GooglePodcast - Philosia or on Breaker -Philosia etc. First of all please visit this page of Jai Richard on Facebook to become … Continue reading Texting or browsing meditation.

Data and Mind

The Kingdom of God or Tao or Consciousness or Soul is like Data for a mobile phone. If you exist then the whole world around you exists too. The seed of your existence of world around lies in a person’s mind, and so every person defines the world around him differently, may be they all … Continue reading Data and Mind

Today’s thought on Medium.

https://medium.com/p/bf243bbb5c76?source=userActivityShare-7351677b22bf-1604286093 Ultimate potential or destiny of every human being. Wanna rediscover - we all lived in this state in our (every) childhood? Trying or not in this life itself is choice available too. The Crown ChakraCredit : Wikipedia

Human being’s Ego is the most sophisticated Hologram.

https://futurism.com/scientists-create-holograms-see-hear-feel In last stage ie 7th rug of inner ladder, the person realises that whole world around him/her is just illusion (above Hologram with mind and all senses too, with capacity to reproduce!) and it seems to us that we (as we recognise ourself -our ego) are real due to this mind only, and (stopping … Continue reading Human being’s Ego is the most sophisticated Hologram.