How not to allow others to destroy your capacity to Live, Love and Laughter?

In life the result of our actions follow immediately after its completion. When we touch a hot object mistakenly then it’s effect is felt immediately. So there is nothing like Karma, it is just a subtle way of inducing guilt in us.

How we go on missing our reality because of desire-nature ie Nafs?

In brackets I have added little description from my own experience so that you can understand Nafs. The desire nature, “Nafs”, is like the horizon – it always looks as if it is just there, maybe ten miles away. If you rush you can reach it within two hours. But you will never reach it. … Continue reading How we go on missing our reality because of desire-nature ie Nafs?

Why people are so fake?

Question 3 WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FAKE? People are so fake because it pays, it is a good policy. If you are true, you will be in danger. You can be true only in a true society where truth is respected, loved. This society exists through lies. Here truth is not respected, here truth is … Continue reading Why people are so fake?

Gist of teachings of all mystics is here.

I am astonished at the pin pointing to ‘Don’t know’ by a mystic about everything in spirituality. The arrow went such a deep inside me that I needed to revisit my spiritual journey to be able to ‘Don’t Know’ it.

Klein Bottle is modern Wisdom Snake

Through this post a new modern metaphor is used to describe the experience of enlightenment. This is also best way to understand Zen Koan ‘The goose is in’. Hope it is going to help at least one person.