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Who is Ram? And how Ram is with farmers of India.

Now this became most prominent question at this prominent junction where India is standing today. Our Epic stories like Ramayan and Mahabharat are in a sense situations created by ancient Mystics so that most basic spiritual messages be imbibed in the life of even an illiterate and poorest person ie the farmer.  These have been … Continue reading Who is Ram? And how Ram is with farmers of India.

Today’s thought (amended).

Ultimate potential or destiny of every human being. Wanna rediscover - we all lived in this state in our (every) childhood? Trying or not in this life itself is choice available too.The Crown ChakraCredit : Wikipedia Before going to sleep I meditate for 15 minutes(may be 1-2 minutes only as I get up only … Continue reading Today’s thought (amended).

Innovative Structure V/s Being Human

Joshto is the name of the ‘Innovative’ path or Pathless path, in Zen or Tao, that a body travelled after taking birth as a human being. Since it helped the body to grow spiritually and psychologically through Osho mindfulness meditation to be able to leave the body before death. The message is Love, Live, Learn and Laugh to your fullest.