After transformation what is left?


This is the first post created on 14th April, 2018 on word press to share my experiences with fellow travellers through internet. I am satisfied that this endeavour has helped at least one person. Through different metaphors mystics tried to point towards the inner richness of human being.


Prem and vairagya

ओशो का संन्यासी किसी एक के प्रेम में हारा हुआ होकर संन्यासी नहीं बना है, बल्कि उसके उलट वह सबसे प्रेम करता है। उनके दुःख को वह अपना दुःख समझता है इसलिए उसके प्रेम से किए कार्य, सहयोग, मदद, सेवा के बदले वह बग़ैर किसी उम्मीद के अपने कार्य में ही असीम आनंद की एक … Continue reading Prem and vairagya

Truth works in a miraculous way -II

In this post I tried to explain how at personal level the truth works. Mystics says that whatever happens to you, actually you attracts the other to happen it to you. How? Also I tried to let people understand that by living according to Osho’s advice how we can avoid mis happenings and increase the chances of that great happening of revealing of truth by itself to you.

Reality explained through stunt.

On an account on medium named Spiritual Stunts this post ' This is how you can do spiritual stunt' is found worth sharing. Hope you will find it useful in understanding the same through a different perspective. The same concept I am trying to described through what I know from my surroundings. Osho International Online … Continue reading Reality explained through stunt.