Courageous and praiseworthy work by an honest advocate.

Originally posted on Dr. B Karthik Navayan:
10/02/2023 To, The Station House Officer Cybercrime Police Station, Hyderabad Email: The Circle Inspector Cyber Crime Police Station Hyderabad, Telangana Email – Copy to: The Commissioner of Police Hyderabad Hyderguda-Basheerbagh Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029, Email –, Twitter – @CPHydCity? The Director and Inspector General of…

Beginning of universe as per Eastern scriptures, Tao, Witness and Adwait Vedanta all demonstrated through one video.

I was answering questions related to spirituality on Quora. There were so many questions that I have to copy paste my answers or part of it many times. I needed to give link to my blog site so that a sincere seeker could get answered his remaining queries in future too. I was Banned by Quora for the violation of rules, while I am sharing knowledge worth trillion dollars for free! I appealed but could not got the Ban removed. Only another person like me could understand it, so I was not expecting any favourable response too. This one post is created to solve majority of the queries of such people who could not find me on Quora anymore.

Thank you, for visiting, sharing this blog: with lots of blessings too.

Through this post I tried to highlight the importance of a small act of kindness readers are doing by sharing a post. Not necessarily my posts but any post. All day our acts keep swinging between good and bad ones. When a person get connected with God and filled with Godliness, then such acts are performed.