With thanks to BBC, Olympic and Shahrukh

फ़ेसबुक पर BBC News हिंदी का एक पोस्ट बड़ा रोचक हो गया। उसके माध्यम से शायद और कुछ लोगों तक यह जानकारी पहुँचे इसलिए यह ब्लॉग पोस्ट। उनको मेरे अनुभव से कुछ समझाने के लिए मैंने फ़ेस बुक पर एक दूसरा पोस्ट उनके साथ share किया comment में। Facebook के ही दूसरे पोस्ट से उदाहरणContinue reading “With thanks to BBC, Olympic and Shahrukh”

भज गोविंदम मूढ़मते-Shankaracharya.

I have tried to describe the point Osho was talking about in this book. The mindfulness or awareness meditation that I practiced helped me to fall into consciousness and know it. In result that experience gave this insight.

One who walks alone-II

Here by taking passages from the book ‘The great secret’ by Osho on Kabir I tried to pass messages of Mystics in today’s language. No one is ever born and no one dies. The energy in existence remains constant all the time. Call it Tao or Zen. All fear are basically fear of death. All efforts of security are about not knowing that in security only the nature blossoms.

Use your wit.

Just like in marketing the duty of a sage or Mystic is to create thirst in you. A demand for embarking on inner journey is created so that you could begin it. Here using the talks of Osho on Kabir I tried to bring more clarity on their words.

One who walks alone.

Inner journey can never become together. The very essence of being alone is tried to explain from my own experiences of inner journey. Anyone can begin, this is half done. If someone is able to continue than it happens on its own accord. Wu-Wei-Wu. Mind is the only hurdle to it and meditation is the remedy to it.