Life is like walking on a tight rope, meditation is taking a step forward when outward harmony is achieved.

Rope walking is used as a metaphor to describe journey of a spiritual seeker.

Enlightenment is experiencing the Zeno effect.

When intervals become infinite, the time become zero! Our inner reality is constant or constant emptiness. Jesus replied that there will be no time when you enter the kingdom of god, upon asking about the characteristics of the kingdom of good. Photo credit : Resonance science foundation. The FB post or a post by Wilium … Continue reading Enlightenment is experiencing the Zeno effect.

Scientific study of Atheism

My comments below on a post in Medium by Jake Robinson on Aethism. I am sharing it because I met some really spiritual people who too responded to this post and their comments are worth noting. You may be having similar understanding about these subject like cosmology, science etc. Most of the replies to the … Continue reading Scientific study of Atheism

Dance for peace because we are born on this planet called Earth.

I received an invitation that I wish to extend to all through this post. What I liked is that I will feel as a contributing member to bring peace in this world- it is not only help any one country but every part on this planet that is facing turmoil today. We need to understand … Continue reading Dance for peace because we are born on this planet called Earth. Favorites: The Travel Architect

Welcome to our brand new series, “ Favorites”! In these interviews, we’ll be highlighting bloggers about their passion project. Caution:… Favorites: The Travel Architect