WordPress.com Favorites: The Travel Architect

Welcome to our brand new series, “WordPress.com Favorites”! In these interviews, we’ll be highlighting bloggers about their passion project. Caution:…WordPress.com Favorites: The Travel Architect

Data and Mind

The Kingdom of God or Tao or Consciousness or Soul is like Data for a mobile phone. If you exist then the whole world around you exists too. The seed of your existence of world around lies in a person’s mind, and so every person defines the world around him differently, may be they all … Continue reading Data and Mind

We are the puppet and puppeteer both!

Curtesy Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. A puppeteer is one who prepares a script for the puppet show, then design its characters and provides them the desired quality and mechanism so as to be able to produce the desired character to its perfection! Then attaches threads to the puppet at various … Continue reading We are the puppet and puppeteer both!

You don’t know why you are existing in the first place-Osho

Line ‘ .,,You don’t know why you are existing in the first place...’ is most powerful according to me. Its answer, if searched inside, may lead one to ‘real path’ that one never loose. The answer is already there all around you, just the capacity to ‘see’ it is regained. In childhood everyone has lived … Continue reading You don’t know why you are existing in the first place-Osho

Organic unity

Osho said:"The moment you divide organic unity, it dies. You can divide only mechanical entities but not organic ones. You can take a bicycle apart and put it togerger too, and you are not going to loose anything. But if you take apart any human being's body parts like a bicycle and put it together … Continue reading Organic unity