The world is already a METAverse, we need to come out of it instead…

While Metaverse is going to bring a big change in our life, we need to understand how to come out of the Metaverse in which we are born into and coming out of it is given as a challenge by the God to every human being. I used VR as an example to clarify what Osho says on this topic.

What is awareness or mindfulness?

In this post I tried to make it clear about how your inner self and outer self are two different things. How we start treating the outer self as real and forget the inner self that is actually real? How we can again start living for a moment as real inner self and experience a moment of bliss? Once it is achieved than first step is taken and just keep repeating it. Lao Tzu says: The journey is of two step and the second step is not even needed and you may reach home. This is why it is called as ‘the path less path’. You have not taken another step but reached home! So you are carrying the destination within, just a little awareness is needed.