Osho for UPSC aspirants.

While watching videos on Darshan uploaded at Vikas Divyakirti’s YouTube channel, I came to know about this question in comment section. I am trying my best to let student get an overview of the changes he was able to bring at world level. At local level every religion became more modern and pro for scientific acceptance to get rid of old and rotten traditions they used to feel proud of in following them.

एकदा विचार करून बघा !

असं म्हणतात की वाचाल तर वाचाल!खरं ही आहे. वाचनाने विचार बदलतात, सुधारतात.जीवन जगण्याची समज येते. आणि वाचन अशी सवय आहे जी व्यक्तीला नखशिखांत परिवर्तित… एकदा विचार करून बघा ! I hope someone will find it worth following.

Why people are so fake?

Question 3 WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FAKE? People are so fake because it pays, it is a good policy. If you are true, you will be in danger. You can be true only in a true society where truth is respected, loved. This society exists through lies. Here truth is not respected, here truth is … Continue reading Why people are so fake?

What is death?

In reality human being is immortal. In material world death happens to ego only. Knowing this from your own experience is awakening. Death happens to ‘ego’ only. Ego is mind’s creation as a substitute when inner light gets faint during adolescent age due to secretion of harmonies. It is like deposition of dust between contacts … Continue reading What is death?

Falling into centre of Being.

We trouble our life by thoughts about death, and trouble our death by thoughts about life. - Famous French philosopher Montaigne stated. It is my effort to provide a solution statement to it by treating it as problem statement. In my opinion Zen, Tao, Buddha, Kabir and Nanak already gave the solution but for contemporary people in their language that they can understand I am trying to share wisdom.