Neurosis – Causes, cure and required qualities of a Healer.

When Osho defined Neurosis life was still very slow. Today it is important to revisit this definition and make it fit for contemporary person. Internet, Social media were not enough so came ChatGPT, Bing etc using AI to further create life of GenZ more challenging. The need of one hour dynamic meditation practice by every person, living in any city of world, without fail is mush more today than ever.

How separation can be turned into bliss.

False love is the reason of all problems of family life. Here I share my story about how I found real love. With hope that it may be of some help to anyone in similar situation.

बचने की संभावना से ही भय है।

We live life in confusion and removing that confusion is purpose of this life which is gifted to us to live as a human being.

Beginning of universe as per Eastern scriptures, Tao, Witness and Adwait Vedanta all demonstrated through one video.

I was answering questions related to spirituality. There were so many questions that I have to copy paste my answers or part of it many times. I needed to give link to my blog site so that a sincere seeker could get answered his remaining queries in future too. This one post is created to solve majority of the queries of such people.

Inner wealth is real as no one can steal it.

My comment: whole world is going to feel the heat of this fire by this ‘Con’. Be ready to pay! Or be ready to learn and take U turn inwards. Inner wealth is real, it cannot be stolen and increases by sharing. Just your two minutes of awareness meditation for personal growth in inner world …

A Telegram Channel’s public group with a purpose- type to join or scan QR

Before Osho left his body he gave detailed instructions to one of her disciples so that a book with title ‘The Philosia of existence – The world of Osho’ could be published with given chapter headings around 12 in numbers. I am starting this to let the existence shower same effects upon people through this channel and it’s group.
So our Channel is having half part of it and under this channel as a group ‘The world of Osho chat’ will complete the book title.

There is nothing like Karma.

Instead of propagating Karma, East should have propagated Kundalini meditation or Sahaj Dhyan so that a person can experience Satori in his life by living life as saints of China lives the ‘Chop wood, carry water’ way.

Gist of teachings of all mystics is here.

I am astonished at the pin pointing to ‘Don’t know’ by a mystic about everything in spirituality. The arrow went such a deep inside me that I needed to revisit my spiritual journey to be able to ‘Don’t Know’ it.

Klein Bottle is modern Wisdom Snake

Through this post a new modern metaphor is used to describe the experience of enlightenment. This is also best way to understand Zen Koan ‘The goose is in’. Hope it is going to help at least one person.

How to really understand your bad habit as bad.

It is difficult to understand a bad habit as really bad such that one stops it. This is difficult because the desire or urge is from a deeper level while it’s understanding is very shallow. This post is about making the understanding even much deeper to the centre of your being. When we first got an electric shock or burned our fingers with fire the experience went deeper to the centre of being, this is why we never try it again.

Who are Christians?

Buddha is also a Christ, so is Mohammad, so is Junaid, so is Kabir and so is Nanak. Christ is a state just as Buddha is a state. It is the same thing: it is the same state. These two names indicates same state.

‘Chop wood carry water’ explained through meme

Through harmony. But harmony cannot be cultivated, so awareness meditation is the simplest way to enlightenment for most of the people. It can be practiced along with dynamic meditation or Zen mediation. It is the transformation that is the reason behind this miracle of doing such simple job like ‘chop wood carry water’ with utmost …

Beyond enlightenment.

To escape into Nirvana is not the fullest expression of enlightenment or awakening outside the Therevadan school of Buddhism. Indeed, it can be seen as self-indulgence of the highest order. “I got mine, so you go get yours.” Moving back into the world of manifestation and giving aid whenever, wherever, and however we can is …