A Telegram Channel’s public group with a purpose- type t.me/Philosiaa to join or scan QR

Before Osho left his body he gave detailed instructions to one of her disciples so that a book with title ‘The Philosia of existence - The world of Osho’ could be published with given chapter headings around 12 in numbers. I am starting this to let the existence shower same effects upon people through this channel and it’s group. So our Channel is having half part of it and under this channel as a group ‘The world of Osho chat’ will complete the book title.

The folk theory of nondual enlightenment explained-Jodi Radzik

I wish to share an article I found worth reading, contemplating upon and meditating upon. The folk theory of nondual enlightenment explained There are some interesting questions raised in its comments and equally great replies too. Here is one reply I submitted that I hope at least one person find useful in lighting the path … Continue reading The folk theory of nondual enlightenment explained-Jodi Radzik



A simple method for growth in inner journey that we unknowingly practiced in our childhood. The science behind it and how it helps in growing inner wisdom is described in this post using OSHO’s talk on Sufism.

Gist of teachings of all mystics is here.

I am astonished at the pin pointing to ‘Don’t know’ by a mystic about everything in spirituality. The arrow went such a deep inside me that I needed to revisit my spiritual journey to be able to ‘Don’t Know’ it.

Klein Bottle is modern Wisdom Snake

Through this post a new modern metaphor is used to describe the experience of enlightenment. This is also best way to understand Zen Koan ‘The goose is in’. Hope it is going to help at least one person.