The Philosia of Existence : The world of Osho

Osho wanted to get one book published after he started existing in formless leaving the form.

This page is dedicated to that book, keeping the title same as he wanted. He has decided headings of chapters in the book and a little hint about each chapter was given to Anando.

Till the time work formally begins on it, I am going to post contents that I may wish to add in that book. So in a way it is going to be my version of that book.

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    We have the right to be treated with respect, to set our own priorities, to say “no,” to express our thoughts and feelings, to take care of ourselves emotionally, and to live our lives as we see fit, without intrusion. One goal of manipulation is to exploit our vulnerabilities—and our virtues. It’s possible we may feel inadequate for not satisfying the other person, but we are not the problem. We’re being influenced to feel inadequate, so that we forfeit our human rights.

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