What Philosophy is and what it is not?

“Understanding needs a very adventurous mind which is ready to melt. If you can melt with existence then you are religious. That melting I call prayer. When somebody has melted so deeply with existence that he is not there as a knower separate from the known, but the knower and the known have become one – in that moment the secrets are revealed. But then the mystery is not destroyed, the mystery is deepened even more. Remember always that the mystery of your life goes on deepening then you are on the right track. If you start feeling that there is no mystery in life and you become knowledgeable, you are on the wrong track. Avoid philosophy and take a deep plunge into poetry. Be as much of a poet as possible – because the mystic is the growth of the poet. The poet is on the way to being a mystic, and only a poet can be a mystic. It is better to read poetry than philosophy, it is better to sing poetry than to ponder over philosophical problems. Philosophical problems are superficial and the whole effort is based on one thing: philosophy takes it for granted that life can be reduced to knowledge – that is utterly absurd. Life cannot be reduced to knowledge; life is so vast, it is so infinite. How can you reduce it to knowledge? – you are part of life. And even if, for logic’s sake, we can accept that a day comes when you have known all, you will still have remained unknown. The knower will have remained unknown.”
While reverse is the case in Philosia ie Indian Philosophy, If you know yourself then you have know all including yourself. Knowing all means knowing it’s essence that it is just a drama and it is not to be taken seriously.

(from “The Revolution: Talks On Kabir” by Osho)

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