Who are called as followers of ‘eternal religion’?

In this post I tried to redefine the word ‘eternal religion’ taking positive use of word mutation from COVID-19 virus.

Knack of learning lies in courage to do mistake.

Here I described three essential requirements for smoother progress in spiritual journey. Then the journey becomes a celebration, joy.

Be like water

Only recently I discovered that totality and a personality of becoming fluid like is same thing.

The world is already a METAverse, we need to come out of it instead…

While Metaverse is going to bring a big change in our life, we need to understand how to come out of the Metaverse in which we are born into and coming out of it is given as a challenge by the God to every human being. I used VR as an example to clarify what Osho says on this topic.

Consciousness and conditioning.

How mind affects our spiritual journey is described here. Two main factors are considered here.